YeHoVaH and Wealth Chapter 30:25-43

YeHoVaH has no problem prospering those who pursue Him. He made Abraham rich; He prospered Isaac during a time of famine; and He prospered Jacob under the harsh treatment from Laban. The passage we are about to study highlights several Scriptural truths about wealth.


Jacob has fathered 12 children, 11 boys and 1 girl by his wives and concubines, and desires to move on from Laban knowing what kind of man Laban was. Laban was a cheat, an idolater, and continued to lay claim to all he had given Jacob.


Jacob knew he could not just leave, so he requested Laban send him away with his wives and children back to his own country. Jacob reminds Laban how he has been a blessing to him increasing his wealth. Jacob has a plan given to Him by YeHoVaH in a dream that he will implement and become wealthy. Jacob does not want Laban to give him anything. Jacob will work for his wages. 




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