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The Book of the Covenant Exodus 24:1-18

After giving the Ten Commandments to the people of Israel and the mixed multitude assembled with them, the people became so afraid of the thunder and lightning, trumpet blasting, and the mountain smoking that they trembled with fear, stayed at a distance and began to withdraw from the presence of the Almighty.

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The Rock and YeHoVaH-Nissi Exodus 17:1-16

The Israelites murmured, complained, and lodged one complaint after another against Moses, Aaron, and YeHoVaH. Somehow, many of the Israelites had it made up in their minds that YeHoVaH had led them out into the wilderness to kill them when He could have done so while they were still in Egypt.

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Moses’ Family Tree Exodus 6:13-27

“The back-and-forth saga between Moses, Pharaoh, YeHoVaH, and the Children of Israel is interrupted by Moses reflecting on his family tree. Moses focuses on Israel’s first, second, and third sons born of Leah, the older sister of Rachel, Israel’s favorite wife. What are Moses’ reasons for only focusing on three of Israel and Leah’s sons and not the rest of the sons of Israel?

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Zipporah Saves Moses’ Life Exodus 4:18-31

After Moses’ reluctance and resistance to return to Egypt had invoked YeHoVaH’s anger, Moses prepares to return to Egypt. Moses has finally accepted the assignment from YeHoVaH to deliver the message to Pharaoh, “”Let Israel, YeHoVaH’s firstborn, GO!””

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