The Book of the Covenant Exodus 24:1-18

After giving the Ten Commandments to the people of Israel and the mixed multitude assembled with them, the people became so afraid of the thunder and lightning, trumpet blasting, and the mountain smoking that they trembled with fear, stayed at a distance and began to withdraw from the presence of the Almighty. It was at that point the people exclaimed that they preferred to talk to Moses instead of having YeHoVaH speak to them. Moses ascended up the mountain of YeHoVaH and began to receive and write down the instructions given to him in a Book to give to the people. YeHoVaH gave Moses a variety of instructions for the people to govern themselves as a community and a holy nation.


The people had declared that whatever YeHoVaH told Moses to tell them, they would do. YeHoVaH declared to Moses what He would do on behalf of the people if they obeyed His instructions. These terms and agreements were all captured in what is called The Book of the Covenant. 




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