Israel’s Angel and the God of Israel Exodus 23:20-33

Angels have been intricately involved with mankind from the beginning of time. From Genesis to Revelation, angels have played critical roles in assisting men on their journeys, warning men of impending danger, redeeming men from danger, communicating to men messages from YeHoVaH, etc. Moses communed with YeHoVaH and received the instructions that would govern the newly founded nation of Israel. This is when YeHoVaH, the God of Israel, informs Moses that He had assigned an angel to Israel to go before them, to prepare the way for them, and gave Moses specific instructions concerning his role and the role of the Angel.


In this teaching, Israel’s Angel and the God of Israel, we will discuss the roles and responsibilities of both Israel’s Angel and Moses. We will also listen in to Father’s plan for Israel as He prepares the nation to go and take possession of the land He had promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. 




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