Sabbaths and Feasts Exodus 23:10-19

The Sabbath Day was created by YeHoVaH on the seventh and final day of Creation. On the seventh day, YeHoVaH rested from His labor and set the example for His creation. Subsequently, YeHoVaH blessed and sanctified the seventh day. After delivering the Children of Israel from Egyptian slavery, where they toiled under the affliction of the Egyptians, YeHoVaH tested the Children of Israel with the Sabbath Day rest, some failed the test.


While giving the Constitution of Laws, ordinances, judgments, etc. to this newly formed holy Nation, YeHoVaH expands the Sabbath to the land and to certain days during the Feasts that He gave to His people to celebrate Him. Join us as we examine these sacred Sabbath and Feast Day Laws given to Moses to give to YeHoVaH’s people who have been called out of Egypt to serve the Most High Elohim! 




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