Justice, Lies and Rumors Exodus 23:1-9

We live in the information age. Misinformation, lies, and rumors can spread fast via the Internet and Social Media Platforms. Cell phones, Photoshop, and video editing software, can make fake news look real and ruin people’s lives in the twinkling of an eye. Cancel culture, cultural insensitivity, freedom of speech, partisan politics, and political and religious correctness, make life in this age feel like walking a tightrope, knowing that the next words you speak could cost you your career, your family, your life, your ministry, and all that you hold dear.


YeHoVaH in His wisdom, knew that the words of a man could cause great harm to the innocent and warned His people as He spoke on Mt. Sinai about bearing false witness. The depth of the danger of bearing false witness, lying, and spreading information that was not true, was at the heart of the Ninth Commandment.


Join us as we expound on this Commandment in the teaching, Justice, Lies and Rumors. 




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