Marriage, The Law and Messiah Matthew 22:23-46

The Gospel According to Matthew

Yeshua concluded His series of parables about the Kingdom of God, which exposed the hypocrisy and wickedness of the Chief Priests, elders of the people, Pharisees, and Herodians, only to be confronted with questions from the Sadducees that exposed their lack of knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.

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From Canaan to Goshen Chapter 47:1-12

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY After two years of famine, with five more years to go, Joseph convinces his brothers to bring Israel and all his family to Egypt. Upon their arrival in Egypt, Joseph prepares his father, Israel, and several of his brothers to meet with Pharaoh. Joseph meticulously instructs them how to answer Pharaoh’s […]

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Prophecy and Dreams Chapter 28

Rebekah convinces Isaac to send Jacob away after Jacob took the birthright blessing and Esau reveals his desire to kill Jacob.

As Jacob is on the way to Laban’s house, his mother’s brother, YeHoVaH appears to Jacob in a dream and says to Jacob,

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Israel Goes to Egypt Chapter 46

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY After a couple of trips to Egypt to purchase food and return to the land of Canaan, Israel was informed by his sons that Joseph was not only alive, but was lord of Egypt, and had extended to him and all his household an invitation to come to Egypt. This pilgrimage […]

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Joseph, Lord of Egypt Chapter 45

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY Loaded down with as much food as they could carry, the sons of Israel departed from Egypt, headed back to the land of Canaan, only to be apprehended for theft by the servant of Joseph. The stage has been set as the plan of Joseph comes into full view. The brothers […]

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Eternal Life and the Law Matthew 19:13-30

The subject of eternal life was a cause for concern for many Hebrew Israelites in the days of Yeshua the Messiah. All four Gospel narratives cover the subject of eternal life and Yeshua teaches on eternal life extensively in its connection with the Law.

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Joseph the Businessman Chapter 47:13-31

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY Join Arthur as he illustrates how Joseph, the Lord of Egypt, was a shrewd but wise businessman. Even though Joseph gathered all the money found in Egypt and Canaan, all the of the Egyptian’s livestock, land and reduced them to servitude, the Egyptian‘s acknowledged Joseph not only as the Lord of […]

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To Save Israel Chapter 44

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY After a successful second journey to Egypt, with Benjamin in tow, to secure grain for their father and families to keep them from perishing, the sons of Israel are about to face their greatest challenge. Benjamin’s role in YeHoVaH’s plan to bring salvation to the tribes of Israel and begin the […]

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Marriage and Deception Chapter 29:1-30

Jacob did not understand the culture, customs, and nature of Contracts or Covenants in Haran. From his entrance into the region Jacob was introduced to a different way of life, but maintained his way of doing things.

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The God of Israel Chapter 43

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY After consuming the grain, they had received from Egypt, the sons of Israel must return to Egypt for more grain to keep from perishing. Israel’s sons convince him to let Benjamin go with them or they would not return to Egypt.   In this episode, Arthur explains how Benjamin, Joseph’s brother, […]

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