God Speaks Pt 2 – The Law & Eternal Life Exodus 20:1-17

The prophetic word given to Moses by YeHoVaH in Exodus 3:12 has been fulfilled as Moses has led the people of Israel to the mountain where he would serve YeHoVaH. Israel and the mixed multitude have been invited to be “”a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation””, they have accepted, and they have consecrated themselves. They eagerly waited to meet the Holy One of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel at the foot of Mt Sinai to learn the job description and receive the instructions from YeHoVaH, Himself.

The words that were spoken by YeHoVaH that day were words of life for that generation and words of eternal life for the generations to come.


Join us in this awesome, breathtaking, exhilarating, and fearful moment as the people waited to hear God Speak the words of The Law & Eternal Life! 




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