The Lord of the Land Chapter 42

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY During the famine of Israel’s days, YeHoVaH prepares the way for the preservation of the Children of Israel by giving Joseph a series of dreams. YeHoVaH then sends Joseph to Egypt, ahead of his brothers, setting the stage for the fulfillment of Joseph’s dream of reigning over and having dominion over […]

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Messiah’s Conception Matthew 1:18-25

The Gospel According to Matthew

In our last study on Messiah’s Bloodline, Arthur followed the two bloodlines revealed in Matthew and Luke to uncover the probability of both Joseph’s lineage and the lineage of Mary, through David’s sons Solomon and Nathan. This week, Arthur examines the message given to Joseph in a dream asking him to do something no man in recorded Biblical history has ever done. Joseph is to take for a wife a woman who is impregnated by the Holy Spirit.

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When a Hebrew Ruled Egypt Chapter 41:38-57

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY Abraham, the first person referred to as a Hebrew in Scripture, was given the promise to become the father of many nations. Abraham never became a nation. However, through Abraham’s son Isaac, and then Isaac’s son Jacob (whose name was changed to Israel by YeHoVaH), the promise given to Abraham takes shape. Long before the […]

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A Hebrew, an Egyptian, and YeHoVaH Chapter 41:1-40

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY Egypt has played a pivotal role in the lives of the Hebrew people since the days of Abraham, the Hebrew. Two years after Joseph, the Hebrew, is given the interpretation of the Baker and the Butler’s dreams, YeHoVaH sets the stage for fulfilling the dreams He had given to Joseph as […]

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Dreams and Interpretations Chapter 40

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY Joseph’s saga and journey continued in prison, as the favor of the Most High elevated him above all of the prisoners. Although Joseph could not see the full plan of his being unjustly imprisoned, it is evident to him that YeHoVaH was with him from the moment he was given dreams, and the trouble […]

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