The Prophecy Begins Exodus 1:1-22

The writing of Moses known as Exodus, the second book of the Torah, a.k.a. the Law, a.k.a. the Commandments of God, opens by chronicling the Children of Israel who came into Egypt during the famine. Israel, the deceased father of the Children of Israel, has been carried back into the land of Canaan to be buried in the cave of Machpelah.


Before their sojourn in Egypt, YeHoVaH had sworn prophetically to Abraham to come to the aid of the Children of Israel and deliver them. Therefore, before Joseph died, he reminded the Children of Israel of the promise YeHoVaH made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel and made them swear to carry his bones from Egypt to the land of promise after YeHoVaH came to their aid.


Join us as the prophecy begins to unfold in this teaching, The Prophecy Begins. 




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