What does the Bible have to say about Christmas and the Birth of Christ?

What Is Christmas?

  • Christmas is a man-made holiday that was not commanded by YeHoVaH.
  • Christmas has no holy components or Biblical requirements.  

What Does the Word Christmas Mean?

  • The word Christmas literally means “Christ’s Mass”.

Does Christmas Have any Biblical References or Instructions?

  • There are no references to “Christmas” in the Bible.
  • The birth of Yeshua in Chapters 1 and 2 of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke have been used as the Christmas Story. However, it is only the account of His birth, not the origin of a Holy Day.
  • There are no Biblical records of Yeshua or His Disciples celebrating Christmas or any of their birthdays.

Where Did the Christmas Tradition Originate?

  • Nimrod, the mighty hunter, that opposed YeHoVaH, was entrapped and killed by a plot of his wife Semiramis, who gained full control over his religious hierarchy. Her son, Tammuz, after his death by a wild boar, evolved into a fertility god widely worshiped in Mesopotamia, Syria, and Palestine.  His consort was the goddess Ishtar (Astarte or Ashtoreth, Easter). Their cult involved licentious rites.
  • From Babylon, this mystery-religion spread to all the surrounding nations as the years went on and the world was populated by the descendants of Noah. From this mystery-religion, the patriarch Abraham was separated by the divine call.  By the time of Ezekiel, these idolatrous practices had strongly taken hold.
  • For details and references describing the roles of Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz, and other pagan rites associated with Christmas, see the Resources listed below.

What Does Christmas Commemorate?

  • For Christians it commemorates the birth of Jesus.
  • However, there are no Biblical records of Yeshua or His Disciples celebrating Christmas or any of their birthdays.

When Is Christmas?

  • The 25th day of the month of December.
  • December 25th has become the holiest day on the Christian Church Calendar.
  • Christmas is singularly different than all of the other religious holidays because it is not one day, it is a season from mid-November through early January. 

How Is Christmas Celebrated?

  • Christmas is celebrated by Christians, some Jews, Muslims, and every other people on the planet, including atheists and non-believers.  
  • Christmas is thought by most to be a wonderful time, focusing the participants on the Christmas tree, Santa, mistletoe, gift giving/getting, family togetherness, Christmas music, decorations, feasting on special foods, and singing Christmas carols. All of this is supposedly centered on the worship of Christ.
  • Typically, the “Christmas Story” about the birth of Jesus is read. Then, the families retrieve gifts from around the Christmas tree.
  • Christmas is an example of incorporating pagan rituals into a spiritual environment by associating Scriptural verses to the ritual. For example, the actual gift giving custom was taken from the Magi, or the wise men, who brought gifts to Yeshua. This has now been translated into giving gifts to one another.

The world has not adopted any of YeHoVaH’s commanded Holy Days. 

When we as a people, who are supposed to be followers of YeHoVaH, are celebrating a holiday like the world, which is not religious at all, that should be a red flag for us.

The reason for the season is that we all have inherited LIES.

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