Shalom Saints,

2021 has been a Season of Change, a Time of Transition.

On November 26, 2020, YeHoVaH gave me the following words personally and to speak them to the Body of Messiah.

“The Spirit says to me that this is a Season of Change, a Time of Transition, a season where it is imperative for His people to focus and tune in to His Voice and follow His leading for this is a time where some will be exalted and others will be abased.

Your exalting or abasing will be determined by your ability to hear the Voice of the Most High and follow His leading during this Season of Change and Transition. There will be many voices saying, go this way; no, go that way; a time of confusion, but His Voice will be clear to those who have ears to hear and are willing to follow as He leads.

This is not the time to point the finger or to blame. It is not the time to hold on to the things of the past, offenses, the hurts of the past, the disappointments of the past, the let downs, the stabs in the back, or the words that have been spoken that deceived and caused discouragement and fear. No, this is the time to listen to His Voice, to follow His directives, and to allow Him to lead you as He will order your steps day by day, at times moment by moment, in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Let not your heart be troubled or be dismayed, for as I watch over the sparrow, I also watch over you. Rejoice and be glad. Do not be dismayed or follow ungodly counsel for I will counsel you and I will lead you in the path of righteousness, blessings, prosperity and I will protect you for My Presence will be with you every step of the way.”

Since speaking those words over the Body of Messiah, we have personally witnessed the manifestation of those words in our midst through the inspiring teachings and their impact on the lives of people around the world. The impact our Ministries have had on individuals, families, ministries, and ministry leaders reach far and wide thanks to your support.

I continue to watch in awe and amazement at what Father is doing in the midst of us and through our Ministry’s impact worldwide.  We have made and continue to make a major difference in the lives of so many people around the world.  None of this would be possible without YOU!

Your 2020 Year End Contribution set us on the course of launching our 2021 Goals and having them come to fruition. As we come to the end of 2021, please help our Ministries finish strong with a generous tax deductible, year-end contribution so that we may start the upcoming 2022 New Year in a position of strength.

We set several Goals for 2021.  All of them were accomplished.

  • We have helped many families navigate through the current culture of fear caused by the “pandemic” and provided numerous vaccine exemption letters to individuals and whole families that are part of the Ministry.

  • Currently we have people tuning in to our weekly and annual Feasts Services from six continents.

  • We enhanced our Arthur Bailey Ministries APP by adding notifications for each Biblical New Moon and the monthly Corporate Fast.

  • We continued providing programing for TV timeslots locally in Charlotte, NC, on Access 21; in Dayton, Ohio, on DATV; and in the Bahama Islands on ZNS.

  • Several volunteers are transcribing our Teachings for formatting into EBooks, Transcripts, and Commentaries.

  • Hebrew Roots University has continued to grow and the Doctoral Program was launched.

  • We inaugurated the monthly Corporate Fast and Praying for the souls of our families, cities, states, and nation.

  • We launched the weekly Podcast series of the Genesis and Matthew Teachings.

  • We conducted a 6 week Minister Training Program for persons interested in pursuing their Calling from YeHoVaH.

  • We continue to make encouraging calls to seniors and others that requested the Ministry to stay in contact with them.

  • House of Israel and Arthur Bailey Ministries International continue to be global models for many ministries and leaders. 

  • In addition, many more Goals were accomplished, too many to mention them all in this letter.

Testimonies of healings, deliverance, and the impact of our Ministries come from the far corners of the world. More and more individuals are transitioning into their ministry callings, praying for their communities and nations, and sharing their faith with others like never before.  

Week after week, we continue to build on our Discipleship 101 and Leadership 101 Programs through our LIVE Sabbath Convocations and Thursday’s “Searching the Scriptures” Services.  In addition, we have our LIVE Annual Feasts’ Sabbath Days aired on our Website, YouTube Channel, ABM APP, and on our Facebook Pages.

We are diligent in fulfilling the Vision of Arthur Bailey Ministries International and House of Israel by preparing the nations for the return of Messiah, teaching, and Taking the True Gospel of the Kingdom (The Gospel that Yeshua Taught), to the Nations of the World. We are equipping the Saints through our Live Internet Broadcasts on our Website, our ABM APP, Discipleship101.TV, Leadership101.TV, Minister Training Course,, Facebook, YouTube, and other Social Media platforms.

Together we are Saving Lives, Strengthening Families, Building Community, and Impacting Nations and Continents.  
Together we are Motivating and Inspiring Individuals to Live up to their Spiritual and Kingdom Potential.

Together we are Equipping the Saints, Developing Leaders, and Making Disciples of the Nations!


Again, Thank You for your support and standing with us to spread The True Gospel of The Kingdom to the whole world.  Remember, when you support this Ministry, you are sharing in the work that goes forth.  Our accomplishments are YOUR accomplishments because we can’t do what we do without YOU!

Together we are making a Difference for the Kingdom of YeHoVaH in the earth!

With Your Year-End Tax Deductible Contribution and Continued Financial Help in 2022, we will continue to 

Make a Difference and accomplish all Father puts in our hearts to do for the Kingdom of YeHoVaH here on earth.

Help Us Make 2022 even BETTER! Send your End of Year Tax Deductible Contribution in the mail TODAY; 

DONATE via Cash App using $ABMHOI; or Use the Donate Button on our Website!

Thank you for another Extraordinary Year!
In Messiah Yeshua’s Service and Yours,

Arthur Bailey

P.S. We are already looking forward to The Biblical New Year and preparing for celebrating The Passover and The Feast of Unleavened Bread.  Prayerfully all of the restrictions of the pandemic will be over.  We look forward to you and your family joining with us to Fellowship and Celebrate together in Father’s presence.  See you soon.  Shalom!

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