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Shalom Saints,

Please join House Of Israel Nigeria, House Of Israel Ukraine, House Of Israel United Kingdom, and House Of Israel United States for 3 Days of Fasting and Prayer.

Join us from wherever you are and participate in this worldwide event.

The focus of our 3 days of fasting in praying is for the following:

1. Labourers for the harvest

2. Strength, guidance and direction for:House Of Israel Nigeria,House Of Israel Ukraine,House Of Israel United Kingdom, andHouse Of Israel United States.

3. Saints to be strengthen in Messiah and His Word

4. Saints to be filled with the Holy Spirit

5. YeHoVaH’s Plan for individuals callings to be revealed

6. Next place to plant House of Israel

7. Resources to carry out vision and plans.

8. Your Nation, Country, State, City and Community


Complete Fast or Water Fast – Our preference is a complete fast but you may drink water if you must.

If you are unable to do a complete fast or water fast due to medical restrictions then you may choose the method of fasting in accordance to what is best for you.

Enjoy the Fast

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