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Shalom Saints,

As we close out another biblical year and prepare to embark upon the Biblical New Year, I wanted to share with you some things we are planning to accomplish in the Biblical New Year.

Below is a list of what we are planning for the upcoming Biblical New Year.

  • We plan to expand our TV coverage to include other stations.

  • Currently we have 4 programs broadcasting locally and
    we have 1 international program broadcasting in the Bahamas.

We are planning to launch our Hebrew Roots University on March 1st.

  • We are starting with the Associates and Bachelor’s Degrees.
  • We plan to add our Masters and PhD Programs later in the fall.

We are planning on enhancing our Feasts Celebrations with.

  • Workshops
  • Baptisms and
  • Other Activities during your pilgrimage to Charlotte for the appointed Feasts.

We are planning to create more Short Video Teachings that will expound on the Teaching Review and Ask Arthur Blogs currently on our Website.

We plan to create teachings on more subject matters. If there is a subject you would like us to expound on, please submit it on the Contact Us Page on our website.

We are working to establish NEW Houses of Israel Fellowships and Assemblies nationally and internationally.

We plan to create more downloadable eBooks and upload more audio podcasts to our Website Page.

We are looking to do a Missionary trip to Europe or Africa, maybe Kenya.

As in all things we do, we rely on the leading, guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.

We also rely on the generosity of our Brothers and Sisters like you, who stand with us financially and prayerfully seeking Father for our success, because our success is your success.

Your generous and consistent giving, enables us to build and leave a legacy for generations to come. This assures that future generations will have access to the truth that set men free and are equipped as Ambassadors for Messiah, taking the Good News of the Kingdom, the Gospel Yeshua Preached, to the ends of the earth.

Your gift today not only saves souls and sets captives free, but equips the Saints today for the work of ministry and prepares tomorrow's Ambassadors of the Kingdom to reach their generations to the Glory of YeHoVaH!

Please give a generous gift today.

You can use the donate link below or mail your contribution to:

P O Box 1182

Fort Mill, SC 29716

Please give a generous contribution today.

Thank You!

May YeHoVaH Bless You and Keep You
May YeHoVaH Make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you
May YeHoVaH lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace


In Messiah Yeshua’s Service and Yours,

Dr. Arthur Bailey, Overseer, Chancellor
Arthur Bailey Ministries International
House of Israel International
Hebrew Roots University

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