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Numbers – The Introduction

Numbers is the English name given to the 4th section of the Book of the Law. The Book of the Law was given by YeHoVaH to Moses for the purpose of governing the newly established nation of Israel after their deliverance from bondage in Egypt.


This week for “Searching the Scriptures”, we make the transition from Leviticus also known as Vayikra in Hebrew to Numbers also known as Bemidbar in Hebrew. Join us on this continuous journey through the Book of the Law as we discover interesting facts and answer probing questions about Numbers in the study of Numbers – The Introduction.


1st Peter: An Epistle of Peter- Introduction

In this Introduction, we will identify Peter and discuss his background that is in Scripture. The Gospels and Acts reveal much information about Peter, his family, his wife, and his trials of faith. When we get an understanding of who Peter is, and the context of the times in which he lived, we can better understand his writings. 


The opening of the First Epistle of Peter gives the locations of the Saints that had been scattered, who are the audience for Peter’s letter.  The Saints were scattered due to a great persecution against the church, which was at Jerusalem.


Main Purposes of 1st Peter


•     Practical applications of how to live the faith on a day to day basis

•     How believers are to conduct themselves amongst each other and the world around them

•     How to endure suffering in a manner pleasing to YeHoVaH

The Kingdom Gospel & Religion

Early on in His Ministry, Yeshua exposed to His Disciples that the religious people would not understand the mysteries of the Gospel of the Kingdom which is why He spoke to them in parables. Upon the arrival of Yeshua and His Disciples to the Temple, Yeshua began a series of teachings that tremendously troubled the religious leaders.


In this portion of Luke, the religious leaders challenged Yeshua’s authority, He refused to answer them, and they plotted to have Him arrested.


In preparation for the teaching, The Kingdom Gospel & Religion, please read Luke 20:1-26.

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