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You Must Be Born Again Part 2

Many sermons have been taught about being born again and what it should mean to Believers today. But what does John 3:16 REALLY teach us within the context in which it is written? Like many other Biblical passages, this much-quoted verse is taught and preached in a manner that has become isolated from the passage context in which it was originally written.


What did Yeshua really teach in John 3 about being born again? Was Yeshua sharing a message of salvation with Nicodemus, and if so, why didn’t He offer an altar call for Nicodemus to give his heart to Jesus? Was John 3:16 a verse given to provoke people to make an emotional decision for Christ, or was it something else?


This two part teaching series is an in-depth study of what it means to be Born Again. You will be surprised with what John 3:16 actually says in its proper context. This teaching will truly change your life!

True Biblical Prosperity Part 2

It is the will of the Almighty that His people walk in the blessings and the prosperity of YeHoVaH.  What you believe about prosperity determines what you can and cannot receive from YeHoVaH.  This teaching will show you why YeHoVaH wants His people to be prosperous and what walking in true Biblical prosperity looks and feels like!


This 4 part teaching series addresses:


•           What is prosperity?

•           Is prosperity Biblical?

•           Is poverty a curse?

•           Can Believers be prosperous?

•           What does the Bible teach about prosperity?

•           What is true Biblical prosperity?


You will learn whether it's okay to prosper or not, what prosperity looks like, and that prosperity looks different from person to person.  This teaching series will leave you with a wealth of information and bless you in abundance.

Hard-Hearted Disciples

Hardening the heart against YeHoVaH and His Word is evidenced by the many examples of men since the days of Pharaoh. Historically, YeHoVaH’s own people have suffered serious consequences due to the hardening of their hearts which resulted in lip service, but lacked corresponding actions.


Yeshua addresses the issue of hard-hearted Disciples in this portion of Mark 8.

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