An Everlasting Covenant Chapter 9:1-19

YeHoVaH blessed Noah and his sons, and told them to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. YeHoVaH also gave Noah and his sons permission to eat animal flesh. On the surface it appears man can eat all beasts, but YeHoVaH had already made the distinction with Noah and his sons between the clean and the unclean animals. Noah demonstrated this knowledge during his sacrifice to YeHoVaH by not offering any of the unclean animals as a sacrifice.


Father establishes an everlasting Covenant with Creation that all flesh will not be cut off anymore by waters of a flood and that never again shall a flood destroy the earth. The covenant promise by YeHoVaH did not require anything from man. The rainbow is a sign from YeHoVaH reminding Him and us of this everlasting Covenant made in the days of Noah.




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