Your Blessings Are Cursed – Malachi Chapter 2 Pt. 1

Malachi harshly reprimanded the Priests for departing out of the way of the Almighty and causing many to stumble at the Law. The Priests, as the earthly representatives of YeHoVaH, were responsible for teaching the people. The Priests became corrupt because they would not Shema – Hear and Obey.


The Priests said the blessing over the people and then taught the people that they didn’t have to keep the Commandments of the One from whom the blessings came. Pronouncing a blessing that has no power is insanity because when you are not keeping the Commandments, the blessing becomes a curse.


YeHoVaH desires to bless His people and gave us Laws to secure our blessings. This Law is still valid today; He wants us to be blessed. 




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