The Book of Remembrance – Malachi Chapter 3 Pt. 3

YeHoVaH is mindful of us. Whether we think about Him all day or in certain parts of the day, He’s always thinking about us. Based on what the Almighty has said in His word, there are ministering angels that are assigned to His people. We also know that there are demonic forces that are operating in the lives of individuals that are not submitted to the will of the Almighty.

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Remember YeHoVaH’s Law… – Malachi Chapter 4

The closing Chapter of Malachi speaks of future judgement to come and what was to come in the not too distant future of Israel. There were massive wars taking place from the time of Malachi to the time of Messiah. There are times when we’re projecting what the Prophets are saying to future events for us. Even though it was a future event to the Prophet, to us it could very well be a past event.

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Judgement Day is Coming – Malachi Chapter 3 Pt. 1

In this passage we’re going to look at “Judgement Day is Coming” from Malachi’s perspective. Malachi, the servant, is responding to questions that are in the heart of individuals that Father revealed to Malachi or conversations that the people had amongst themselves. The Bible lets us know that Father not only knows our thoughts, but He knows the intent of the heart. There is nothing you can think that Father doesn’t know you are thinking.

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