The Book of Remembrance – Malachi Chapter 3 Pt. 3

YeHoVaH is mindful of us. Whether we think about Him all day or in certain parts of the day, He’s always thinking about us. Based on what the Almighty has said in His word, there are ministering angels that are assigned to His people. We also know that there are demonic forces that are operating in the lives of individuals that are not submitted to the will of the Almighty.


At times, these demonic forces operate in the lives of those who are submitted to YeHoVaH. This is why it is so important for us to monitor our thinking, monitor our behavior, and monitor our conversations. When we allow our minds to go in places that we shouldn’t, when we’re not focused on the things of the Almighty, doubt creeps in, unbelief creeps in, and if we’re spending any prolonged period of time thinking ungodly thoughts, then our behavior at that moment is ungodly. You either take your thoughts captive or your thoughts will take you captive. 





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