Another Prophecy Fulfilled Matthew 26:36-56

Last week in Part 2 of The Last Supper and Passover, we investigated further the conversation, dialogue, and language of the Gospel narrative of Matthew and compared statements made in the Gospel narrative of John to help determine and answer that very important question of whether the last supper Yeshua ate with His Disciples was the Passover meal.


We established a timeline of events that occurred while Yeshua and His Disciples were together and discerned what was said and done as they shared their last supper together. After Yeshua and His Disciples had eaten and done all that had to be done, according to prophecy, they went to the Garden of Gethsemane where another prophecy would be fulfilled.


Yeshua was deeply troubled about the events that were about to unfold and sought a quiet place in the Garden where He would agonize in prayer for three solid hours. Yeshua’s Disciples, whom He had instructed to watch and pray, after a very long day of teaching, eating, and ministry were very tired and struggled to stay awake.


We will join Yeshua and His Disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane as prophecy is being fulfilled in this teaching, Another Prophecy Fulfilled.



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