The Last Supper and Passover Pt. 2 Matthew 26:17-36 (29-36)

In Part 1 of The Last Supper and Passover, the question was asked if the Last Supper Yeshua ate with His Disciples on the night He was betrayed, was the Passover meal commanded by the Torah or was it just that, Yeshua’s last supper with His Disciples? We identified and addressed the confusion surrounding the event of Yeshua’s last supper with His Disciples. As a result of some peoples’ confusion, they argue, debate, and perpetuate their confusions causing babes in the faith to be confused, all because of a verse here or there containing statements Yeshua made to His Disciples and the interpretations of translators.


We investigated the conversation, dialogue, and language of the Gospel narrative of Matthew and compared statements made in the Gospel narrative of John to help determine and answer that very important question of whether the last supper Yeshua ate with His Disciples was the Passover meal.


In this teaching, we will establish a timeline of events that occurred while Yeshua and His Disciples were together and discern what was said and done, as they shared their last supper together.



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