Crucify Him Matthew 27:1-26

In the teaching, The Prophet and The Word on Trial, we witnessed the flagrant display of lawlessness, abuse of authority, and inhumane treatment against the Lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world. All of the abuse levied toward Yeshua during an illegitimate facade of a trial was at the hands of the religious leaders who were supposed to be YeHoVaH’s representatives, their armed guards, and the crowd of people.


We witnessed several of YeHoVaH’s Commandments being violated by the so-called Torah observant Law-abiding religious leaders that disqualified them from operating in their religious capacity.


In this teaching, the illegitimate facade of a trial continues. After a guilty verdict by those overseeing the farce of a trial, Judas recognizes what he has done with devastating results and the trial proceeds to another stage in the conspiracy of the religious leaders.



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