Killing The King Matthew 27:27-44

Yeshua’s illegitimate facade of a trial, at the hands of the religious leaders, concluded with a guilty verdict. The Lamb of God, who came to take away the sins of the world, had been convicted of crimes He did not commit and was condemned to death for blasphemy. The flagrant display of lawlessness, abuse of authority, and inhumane treatment against the Messiah by YeHoVaH’s representatives, their armed guards, and the crowd of people added insult to injury as they assaulted Him with their fists, spat on Him, mocked Him, covered His eyes and demanded that He prophesy who hit Him. 


According to the Torah, being condemned to death for blasphemy required the religious leaders to stone Yeshua to death. But instead, they took the matter to the Romans not knowing they were fulfilling the prophecies of Yeshua. The Governor knew the religious leaders were envious of Yeshua. He concluded that Yeshua was an innocent man after receiving words from his wife and asking Yeshua if He was King of the Jews.


In this teaching, the conspiracy of the religious leaders come to fruition in the message titled, Killing The King.



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