The Savior and satan Matthew 27:45-66

The epic showdown between the Savior and satan that began at the birth of Yeshua comes into clearer focus in the closing Chapters of Matthew. When Yeshua was a toddler, satan used King Herod, who committed mass murder, hoping to have Yeshua murdered. This caused His parents to flee to Egypt for His protection.


At the beginning of Yeshua’s earthly Ministry, He was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted of the devil who tried to convince Yeshua to commit suicide by jumping from the pinnacle of the Temple. Throughout His Ministry, satan used the religious leaders who plotted and made several attempts to have Yeshua murdered at the hand of the people.


Join us in the final verses of this Chapter of Matthew as it looks as if satan has finally succeeded in His plot, using the religious leaders, rulers, elders, the people, and the Gentiles to put the Savior to death and end His Ministry.



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