Faith, Healing and Miraculous Works Matthew 15:21-39

Yeshua’s ministry was a continual Ministry of Faith, Healing and Miraculous Works. Calling His Disciples to follow Him gave them the opportunity to live with Yeshua day in and day out observing His life, practices, and daily lifestyle. The Disciples got to witness firsthand and close-up, all that Yeshua did and taught, including the ability to ask questions about those things they heard and witnessed but did not understand.


In this passage, the Disciples are given the opportunity to observe Yeshua’s ministry to a foreigner, multitudes of healings of different kinds, and another miraculous work that has never been repeated in the history of the called-out ones.


In this teaching, Faith, Healing and Miraculous Works, the Disciples are once again given the opportunity to see for themselves those things Yeshua did that they would ultimately be challenged to do in their own lives and ministry.




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