Clean, Unclean & Religious Hypocrisy Matthew 15:1-20

Knowledge of being able to distinguish between clean and unclean animals was revealed to mankind before the days of Noah. The Commandments of YeHoVaH given to Moses to give to the Hebrew Israelites, and those that join themselves to YeHoVaH’s people, expanded clean and unclean things beyond animals to people and to the land. Specific Instructions to follow were given to keep His people from becoming defiled and defiling others.


The religious leaders expanded even further YeHoVaH’s Laws pertaining to clean and unclean. They created their own laws on the subjects that they taught which ultimately made the Torah/Law of no effect. By adding to the Torah/Law, the religious leaders were able to subjugate YeHoVaH’s people into bondage to their religious systems.  In this teaching, Yeshua and His Disciples have a confrontation with some Pharisees and teachers of the law who tried to subject Yeshua and His Disciples to their religious laws.


Join us in this encounter as Yeshua exposes the religious leaders’ commandments on clean and unclean and declares that their commandments lead to vain worship and religious hypocrisy.




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