Miracles, Prayer, Fear and Tzitzit Matthew 14:13-36

When the news of the beheading of John the Baptist at Herod’s birthday party reached Yeshua, He went into the wilderness to get away. However, as soon as the people heard He had departed, they followed Him into the wilderness. As thousands of people gathered around Yeshua, with a variety of needs from healing to hunger, He ministered to them all.


Yeshua’s desire had been to get to a solitary place to pray and be alone which He was finally able to accomplish. The events that followed His time in prayer caused excitement, bewilderment, and fear amongst His Disciples as Yeshua did what seemed to be impossible.


In this teaching, we will tag along with the Disciples and witness the miraculous power of YeHoVaH manifested in Yeshua, get a glimpse of Yeshua’s prayer time, examine what caused fear amongst His Disciples, and reveal a time of ministry rarely spoken about in Christian, Messianic and Hebrew Roots circles.




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