A Hebrew, an Egyptian, and YeHoVaH - Genesis Chapter 41 Part 1

A Hebrew, an Egyptian, and YeHoVaH

Egypt has played a pivotal role in the lives of the Hebrew people since the days of Abraham, the Hebrew. Two years after Joseph, the Hebrew, is given the interpretation of the Baker and the Butler’s dreams, YeHoVaH sets the stage for fulfilling the dreams He had given to Joseph as a young boy in his father’s house.

At one of the most critical times in human and Hebrew history, YeHoVaH reveals one of the many ways He has communicated with mankind in order to bring to pass His master plan in the earth.

Tune in, listen, and learn the ways of the Master as He orchestrates the events in Joseph’s life and see how He may be working out His plan for you and your life.

In preparation for the message A Hebrew, an Egyptian, and YeHoVaH, please read Genesis 41:1-40.

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