Oaths, Attitude, Hate and Love - Matthew 5:33-48

Yeshua’s teaching on divorce was a sharp contrast from the teachings of the teachers of the law, who were responsible for teaching the people of Israel the Law. Yeshua continued to make clear distinctions between His teachings and the way the teachers of the law were teaching. Yeshua’s first public teaching set Him at odds with the teachers of the law on all of the subject matters He taught to the multitude of people who had gathered to hear Him teach.

Join us as Yeshua addresses the subjects of Oaths, Attitudes, Hate and Love, from the perspective of the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms. Yeshua distinguishes Himself even further from the teachings of the teachers of the law and many other teachers of that day.

In preparation for the message, Oaths, Attitude, Hate and Love, please read Matthew 5:33-48.


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  • Patricia Ansell says:

    The Almighty has been showing me that the church, “his people” have a love problem. Your email speaks to this issue that as believers we
    need to have mercy towards others as Yehovah had mercy on us. Mercy and love are interconnected. We can’t really be loving our
    neighbor if we don’t exercise mercy with others: the lost, those who sin against us, or with those who have not yet come out of Bablyon.

    We need to be mindful that we are daily in need of Yehovah’s mercy ourselves and then extend that mercy to others.

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