Yeshua, an Evildoer?

Imagine a time when evil is considered as good and good is considered as evil. A time when religious men behave wickedly to preserve their way of life and rebel against the One who gave them life. A time when lies carry more weight than truth and the world seems more in tune with the creator of the universe than those ordained to teach about the creator. These were the days of Yeshua.

As Yeshua faces His final trial and is judged as having no fault, the religious establishment and its adherents have already determined the Messiah's guilt and punishment by death. This teaching will expose the hearts of men who hide behind the cloak of religion and view themselves as good, while accusing Yeshua of being an evildoer.

In preparation for the message Yeshua, an Evildoer?, please read John 18:28-40.

Last Updated on July 12, 2020 by Arthur Bailey Ministries

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