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YeHoVaH Appears to Abraham Again Chapter 18:1-16

This is the 3rd time the Scriptures record YeHoVaH appearing to Abraham. YeHoVaH and the men with Him had their feet washed and were served bread, butter, milk and beef. Ironically, consuming meat and dairy products (including cheese) together is forbidden by Kosher dietary laws.

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Abram and Pharaoh Chapter 12:10-20

Abram and Sarai were married before they left Ur. Now that Abram has gone to Canaan, he faces a famine there. So, they decide to go to Egypt. Abram was concerned for his own life and had Sarai say that she..

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The Days of Noah Chapter 6:8-22

Noah was righteous in the midst of unrighteousness; without blemish in the midst of fallen people. Noah did not let the evil and corrupt society he lived in corrupt his character. Noah walked with YeHoVaH when others chose not to walk with YeHoVaH.

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