Shalom Saints,

The rocks would have cried out if there were no praises to YeHoVaH for the message delivered to us through Elder Efraiym Bridges!  During the prelude to the teaching, Efraiym made a statement that fear is always standing against faith in the Almighty. Fear is a universal experience for all of mankind, but it is not the master of all mankind!  He explained that what you fear, you actually believe; and when you believe, you are coming into agreement with it and making a covenant with fear.

Then with a bold faith, Efraiym declared that some of us would see a deliverance from fear in our hearts.  This turned out to be a prophecy that started manifesting fulfillment that day!  (Just listen to the testimonies given during the Q & A session!)

The first step to conquering fear is to step up to it!  Face it and overcome it!  Rely on your past deliverances, or of others, to bolster you confidence that you are an overcomer through Yeshua Messiah.  Efraiym gave many personal examples from his life and gave scriptural references to our Biblical brethren such as Gideon, Peter and Stephen.  Efraiym declared that the reason David wasn’t afraid of Goliath was that David had a testimony of being victorious over the lion and the bear!  Brothers and Sisters, keep your testimony in the forefront of your mind!  

Efraiym warned us that we cannot prognosticate with fear!  Thoughts of fear progress when we give place to them. The fear paralysis grows to Biblical proportions.  Then we become the unfoldment of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Watch this teaching segment as Efraiym describes the “secret edge” of fear and throwing back the veil.

Elder Efraiym continued with eye-opening discussions of some of the fear factors being promulgated by messages from the Kingdom of the world; flavours or appearances of fear; and some of the causes of fear.  He describes these types of fear:

  • Failure/Success
  • Being Alone
  • Public Speaking
  • Man – Even of Yourself
  • Crazy Thoughts
  • Falling Away From the Kingdom
  • That Elohim Won’t Deliver?
  • Change, or That Things Won’t Change
  • Adventure
  • Goliaths in Your Life
  • Rejection
  • Everything?

When discussing Fear being contagious, Efraiym exhorts us not to spend time trying to get permission from other people to do the will of Elohim.  Listen as Efraiym passionately speaks to us about this HUGE stumbling block.  He asks us to critically think about what we are letting into the gates of our minds. Is it Elohim’s word or the word of the world?  Listen to Efraiym’s “Kingdom Marching Order” attitude as he delivered this “straight talk” to us.

Efraiym covered more facets of fear including:

  • A word study of fear
  • Remembering our strength is in Elohim
  • Fear emboldens faith in things not of Elohim
  • Walking by faith in the Holy Spirit is the only way to deal with fear
  • Trusting in the Almighty who is the Faithful One
  • Practical cures for overcoming fear
  • And the Practical Prayer below

I am not giving myself to fear nor am I establishing an agreement with it.  I will commit to walk on Your side and trust that You Abba El are faithful.  That You are able to arrest every false thing and deliver Your servant so that Messiah is lifted up and that all men be drawn unto You through Him.  

Even though Fear is always trying to have dominion over us, we have a stronger ally on our side.  Listen as Efraiym relates this powerful story of the Alligators and prays for those seeking deliverance from Fear.

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Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

When I awoke on Shabbat morning, I was feeling physically well, but there was a halting presence in my spirit.  I told Floyd that I was going to stay home that day.  When he asked if I was sure, I told him I believed the Holy Spirit wanted me to stay home.  This was unusual for me. Generally the last thing I want to do is stay home and miss the ambience of the LIVE Teaching, the fullness of the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Fellowship with the Saints.  

That morning, I had a sense that it was required of me to stay home.  I recognized it and right away I decided not to “kick against the pricks”.  So, I proceeded to set up my listening corner in the living room; a comfy wingback chair, hassock for my legs and the computer, a side table for my tea and homemade white bean soup with organic croutons on top.   

I had listened to Marcus Da Costa, HOI London, earlier that morning, but I missed portions of it while the house was buzzing with folks.  I decided to listen to his Broadcast again and take notes.  One of the things I had missed was when Marcus spoke a confirmation of what I had spoken to my two children, 18 and 19 years of age, and my husband at the end of our Friday Night Bible Study!   I told them that I was setting them free from my efforts to control them.  I recognized that my role was to instruct when necessary and to set an example for them; not to try and force them to do anything.  However, I did remind them that there were still house rules and YeHoVaH’s Law.  As an example, I mentioned that I would no longer remind my son to get up on Sabbath morning since he was always on time for school and work.  (This idea came from a statement Arthur made a few weeks ago.)  I felt a wave of stress unload off my being.  

Marcus spoke on how parents can teach their children, but the child has to ultimately choose the road they will travel. He said each individual has to labor fervently and contend against the darkness of this world to enter into the Kingdom.  I felt the second wave of stress unload and I was grateful recognizing that I am not being held responsible for their eternal destiny when I have done what is required of me.  

When Efraiym taught, I truly realized why the Almighty wanted me to stay home.  My mind was being renewed!  Efraiym said that we need periodically to get alone so that we can commune with the Almighty and He can deal with us.  I felt a deeper sense of Shalom overcome me knowing that I was right where Elohim wanted me to be to speak to me without being in the mist of the congregation.

I followed Efraiym’s advice when he said that if we want to get the most out of the lesson, we would have to personalize it.   

As Efraiym continued, STRESS, also known as, FEAR was figuratively being sand blasted from my mind and emotions!  When I saw how Fear and Faith were like polar opposites and that one will dominate, I recognized how the stresses I had allowed to dominate my thinking were only Fears in disguise and that I had let them overshadow my Faith in the Almighty to handle all things.  I felt a little embarrassed that I could have been the “mark” for the “Fear Sting”.

THEN, Efraiym said we need to REPENT for allowing Fear to replace faith in the Father and the illusion of thinking that we are not dependent on the Almighty.  That was a convicting thought and I immediately repented!  

My time alone on Shabbat was TIME WELL SPENT!   Based on the many testimonies during the Q & A session and the several communications I received from the Saints, many were blessed by Efraiym being a willing vessel to deliver the Father’s word to His children.  The Father wants to uplift us and have us fulfilled in His joy and so he warns us of the many wiles of the enemy.  Listen to the Father and Live the Abundant Life!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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