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If you think that Halloween is a harmless day of fun for young and old, this message will likely scare you worse than the horror movies that dominate the screens during the month of October.  Arthur pulls back the veil of deception and lays out Halloween as the pagan holiday it is and always has been.   Once you see this teaching, there are no more excuses for participating in Halloween on any level – even the Church Harvest Celebrations on October 31st!

Arthur explained in detail that Halloween evolved out of a Catholic holiday called All Hallows Eve, which occurs the day before All Saints Day. Arthur said that Halloween was never a Christian holiday.  Much to the surprise of many, Arthur told us that the Pilgrims banned the celebrating of Halloween in America because of its pagan roots. As a matter of fact, Halloween was not celebrated in America until 1845. And it is surrounded by the understanding that during this particular time, a large flood of Irish emigrants came to this country during the Potato Famine of 1845-46. They brought with them the old Druid holiday of Halloween. Gradually, celebrating Halloween spread throughout the rest of the country.

As believers in Messiah, we have to deal with Halloween on the job, in the marketplace and in our neighborhoods.  How do you prepare your children to cope with Halloween in school?  What are some strategies?  Listen as Arthur responds to this question. 

Arthur further ripped down the veil of deception by showing us that even currently Halloween is a day witches celebrate. The Maine State Prison allowed members of a witch coven (the Coven of Dawn) to hold a two-hour service on the feast day they call Samhain [Halloween], after the Druidic festival of year’s end. And it was stated that, “this is our time to give praise to our lord and lady for the bountiful harvest,” said the founder of the ‘goddess- oriented’ coven. 

Wow!  And if that wasn’t enough, Arthur hits again with the fact that Halloween and all its practices are associated with witchcraft. The bulk of the world has been desensitized to witchcraft evidenced by record breaking sales from movies like the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series. Almost every young person on the planet has seen Twilight. What is Twilight about? Vampires, and sorcery, and witchcraft and yet it is one of the highest grossing series in American movie history.  In the movie industry, Twilight is second only to Harry Potter. It is amazing that this Christian society has spent so much money, along with the Brits, watching vampires, sorcerers, and witchcraft on the big screen and eating it up.

As believers and followers of Yeshua what should be our response to Halloween?  Are you fearful of being rejected if you don’t celebrate?  Are the Halloween activities in line with Scripture?  Listen to Arthur explain why he doesn’t celebrate Halloween. 

So, while the world is celebrating paganism, we should not be longing to celebrate with them. 

When we incorporate the Almighty into Halloween celebrations and feel as if we are not doing something that is of pagan or idolatrous origins, we deceive ourselves.   It’s amazing how many of YeHoVaH’s people would much rather celebrate the same holidays the world around them is celebrating, while at the same time reject YeHoVaH’s Holy Days. This is what Christians do!  Every believer should question, “If the world, which is not holy, is celebrating something I consider to be religious and holy, is it really holy?”

We need to learn how to have fun and righteously celebrate!  What should we celebrate?  Listen as Arthur answers this question. 

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Unlike the children of Israel who had a land where their enemies had been driven out, we live in the land where our enemies are our next door neighbors, and in some cases, in our own house. Listen to this teaching and be armed with the truth and then stand on it!


Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

I totally agree with Arthur when he said that when we abandon YeHoVaH, we will make up something to celebrate.   We used scripture to justify Halloween.  I have even used the Church building where the celebrations were held to justify Halloween.  I took my children to many Church celebrations dressed in “good costumes”.  I even remember some of the Sisters talking about having to be more specific with the costume rules when little children showed up as skeletons or ghosts.

As a child growing up, Halloween was second only to Christmas in terms of getting stuff!  In some ways, Halloween was better because I got loads of candy that lasted for a week.  On Christmas no one gave out the motherlode of candy like I was able to haul in from the neighborhood.

I became aware of the pagan significance of Halloween in the early 2000’s.  Floyd’s sister passed out flyers to relatives.  Even then, I still attended Harvest Celebrations decorated with smiley-faced pumpkins and candy for the children.  

The missing piece for me was recognizing that I could not bless a mess!  Once YeHoVaH says don’t worship or celebrate Him like the pagans do, THAT IS THE END OF IT!  It does not matter what my intentions are, or that YeHoVaH knows my heart, or that it is harmless fun to me.   

YeHoVaH is the Creator and He made the rules for His Kingdom.  It is in our best interest to OBEY!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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