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Shalom Saints,

The relationship between parent and child is generally the first relationship we identify with as a child. However, there is no covenant between parent and child. In this teaching, Arthur discusses Relationships according to the Almighty’s plan. Prepare to receive instruction, corrections, and rebuke from the Father which are designed to produce fruit in us that is pleasing to the Father.

As we learn to manage our relationships, some of the essentials that we need to understand are:

  • Relationships help form our worldview and our view of ourselves. The effects of relationships can be positive or negative so we really must categorize and prioritize our relationships according to their importance.
  • Organized society defines us as either law abiding or rebels.
  • Our religious affiliations shape how we view God and how God views us.
  • However, Yehovah determined that our primary relationship is with HIM and He gave us instructions on how our relationship should be with HIM. If we do not get our relationship right with Yehovah, every other relationship we have will be perverted.
  • We are never to place ourselves in a position between Yehovah and another person.
  • There are two covenants that we make in life. One is to follow Yehovah and the other is with a spouse, if we marry. We don’t know how strong these two covenant relationships are until they are tested and challenged.
  • There is no covenant between parents and children (excluding legal contracts). There are bonds between them, but we must be aware that we do not make these bonds greater than the covenant we have with Yehovah or our spouse.
  • We must recognize that our children are from Yehovah and teach them Yehovah’s way. Children must learn to fear Yehovah instead of fearing their parents.
  • The human spirit resents someone having control over it. When control is exercised over a person, this can result in their low self-esteem and their fear of making mistakes.
  • Avoid compromising relationships such as when you honor the words of a pastor over the commandments of Yehovah.
  • Natural man adapts to his earthly surroundings and biological family more than he adapts to his Father in heaven. Yehovah will expose our shortcomings to us so that we can make adjustments.

We are in a covenant relationship with our Elohim.

Yehovah is our first and primary relationship in this life.


Sharon's Reflections on the Teaching

I walked up the hill to pick up a few items from the Giant Eagle Grocery Store. The store was only two blocks from where I lived in Pittsburgh in the mid-Seventies. I needed some laundry detergent so I walked down the cleaning supplies aisle and began my comparison shopping to get the best deal based on the price per ounce and what I thought were the best quality brands. There was a forty-something man in the aisle and he was browsing too. I made my selection and moved on to a different section of the store.

About 10 minutes later, I passed by the end of the cleaning supplies aisle and that man was still there staring at the laundry detergents. My helping instinct kicked in, so I walked over to him and asked him if I could help.

“Yes, please. My mother used to do all the shopping and now that she’s passed, I just feel lost in the store having to do it all by myself.”

“I understand. I’m so sorry to hear that your Mom passed. When did she pass?”

“Eleven years ago.”

I was astounded, but I remained calm and helped him select a laundry detergent.

When I left the store, I must have said, “Wow” all the way back down the hill.

When we put another person first in our lives before Yehovah, the outcome is not good. The only exception is with infants and children who have to depend on parents until they are taught about our Elohim.

Arthur shares with us that we need to prioritize our relationships in this life and that our covenant relationship with Yehovah is first. It must be above all other relationships.

Buzz on the Teaching

I have caught myself unconscientiously putting my biological relationships before my spiritual blood relationship with our Messiah. This is how it has played out.

While I was at a HOI service, I looked down and saw that my ankle was swollen. Of course, I rebuked the swelling and laid hands on my ankle. Immediately the enemy, brought thoughts to my mind, “Mama’s feet used to swell up before she had that stroke.” Then I remembered that Mama smoked for many years, but I never smoked cigarettes.

After I got home, I decided to elevate my ankles above my heart to get the fluid to drain from my lower extremities. When I put my legs up on several pillows, the enemy brought to mind, “This is just the way Mama’s therapist would put her legs up when she came to the house. Remember, going in to adjust those pillows for Mama?”

The enemy loves to get us in a debate with him and even better with ourselves. That is not the way to fight.

We have to declare our first relationship is with Yehovah, our divine spiritual family, and that the blood ties we have with Messiah override and cancel out all biological ties.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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