Learn the the Grace definition from Hebrew Roots and Messianic Apostle Arthur Bailey

Shalom Saints,

This was a milestone teaching because Arthur taught his first service in our new World Headquarters!  HalleluYAH!  The Dedication Celebration is yet to come, but Arthur humbly dedicated the building to YeHoVaH in the opening prayer.

We thank you for this new facility that you have given us and we declare this place to be Your place of refuge, Your place of sanctuary, Your place where Your glory can manifest itself freely without any hindrance.  And as we prepare for the dedication of this place, even now we dedicate this place to You.  We pray Father that You rule, rest, and abide in this place.  And that every time we assemble, that You are looking forward to us being here with You even as we look forward to coming to be together in Your presence.

The topic, “Understanding Grace” was quite appropriate as we were worshipping in a facility that truly is an outpouring of His Grace on us.  In this teaching, Arthur covered:

  • Defining Grace in the Old and New Testaments
  • Sharing interesting facts about Grace
  • Showing how Grace was in operation in the beginning of the Bible
  • Detailing how Yeshua was the fullness of YeHoVaH’s Grace manifested

Arthur also devoted time during the teaching to answer the following questions:

  • Did Yeshua fulfill the Law and the Prophets?
  • What does it mean to be “under Grace”?
  • Does Grace do away with the Law?
  • Does Grace alone save?

Arthur’s aim was for our heart, mind, and spirit to be opened to the understanding of what Grace is so that we can walk in YeHoVaH’s Grace.  We can’t walk in it if we do not understand it

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One of the many eye-opening facts discussed by Arthur was that the entire world is under Grace.  The Father’s Grace has been extended to all people.  It is up to each individual to accept that Grace and endure to the end through belief in Yeshua our Messiah and by keeping the Commands of the Father.  Neither Grace nor Faith voids the Law of Yehovah.  Arthur said that if the Almighty dealt with us according to our deeds, we would all be DOOMED!  We need His Grace. 

Arthur concluded the teaching with a challenge to us as we live in two Kingdoms.  We have the power to choose to live according to the world or according to the divine Kingdom.  Are we really practicing those things that we confess that we believe?  Listen and do a self-assessment!

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Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

Arthur mentioned that YeHoVaH has extended Grace to all people in the world; believers and non-believers.  I can clearly see this because I see how the Father is not only gracious, but long suffering in the process. 

Take for example, the multitude of “good” Law breakers that flourish on this earth.  This morning I passed a Sunday church that was advertising the topic for their upcoming seminar:  Life in the Spirit.  Now how can you have life in the spirit when you don’t know or keep the Law? 

Then I passed the large church that has many outreach programs, one of which is a monthly Dinner and Sandwich Sale.  To advertise, they hang a wrought iron, LARGE PIG on display near the street so that everyone passing can see they will have pulled pork and other items for sale on “Saturday”!

Yep!  The Father is patient. 

Then, last Thursday I passed a sign for a Healing Service as I was on my way to House of Israel.  Hmmm, I thought, “I wonder what is going to happen there?”  I reflected on the fact that the Holy Spirt choses whom it will work through and healing may happen regardless of the lawless pastor.  I imagined the Father contemplating the healing of some of those people who do not keep His commands.  Which prompted the question if they received healing would they attribute it to the hireling?  Then I recalled, that my Grandmother was healed when I was three or four and she never kept the Sabbath and ate pork all her life.  BUT… I saw her healed! That seed was planted in me and is part of my Testimony of how a long winding road led me straight to the Father and His Torah.

Yes, His Grace is extended to ALL.  We just have to accept it by believing in Yeshua and keeping the Commands of The Father.

Buzz on the Teaching

This first service in the new building was the fruit of many months of faith and prayers!  There was much rejoicing for the Almighty’s goodness.  He not only gave us a new building, but it is “debt free”! 

The chairs are arranged in a sort of semi-circle around the podium.  All seats are “good seats”!  The seating is “intimate”.  Arthur said he heard that word from several Saints.  The model of a church did not fit in any type of way.  The atmosphere in that setting was of Sisters and Brothers assembled for a holy gathering expecting the Father to be in our midst. 

I am humbled to realize how much YeHoVaH loves us and all things are possible for those who believe!


The conversations were lively! 

I sat for a while with two Sister Saints who travelled quite a distance to be with us for the first service.  It was like a family reunion.  One Brother who came from the same hometown came over and asked if she was the one that made the green beans.  She smiled and said, “Yes!”  Another brother overheard the conversation and contributed his accolades for the veggie dish too.  The first Brother took home a bowl of the leftovers!

The Sister Saint that coordinates the Table Top conversations has two speakers lined up to discuss aspects of entrepreneurship.  There was a lot of positive feedback for that topic to be discussed.  In fact, several of the Saints in the conversation have part-time and full-time entrepreneurial endeavors such as: artwork on silk, crocheting, reselling retail items, selling educational products, writing, real estate development, and selling organic eggs.

Learn the true Grace definition from Messianic Hebrew Roots Apostle Arthur Bailey

There was a rousing conversation on Grace among six or seven Saints.  We realized that we held different points of view about Grace even though all of us just sat through the same teaching!  So we did what disciples do, we started to search the scriptures … on my IPhone!  We soon realized that we needed to search further and look in a Concordance and a Bible Dictionary. 


We are all looking forward to the Dedication in February, then the Biblical New Year, then Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  The spring season will be full of Teachings, Prayer, Food, Fellowship, and Holy Fun!

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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