• Chad Franks says:

    I thought this was well taught. I’ve read this passage multiple times. Today I realized something. The man was possessed with several thousand demons and yet he had the ability and control of his body to come down to Yeahua. At times we read he was unable to be bound. So why would several thousand demons let him run to the savior who had the power to cast them out?
    To me, this shows that even a man possessed has control over the demons inside him. They have no power over us. A person still has to allow them to take over. Our bodies were designed for the Holy Spirit. Anything else you have to allow in. I suppose in a sense that applies to the Holy Spirit as well. We can let him have the reigns or we can live in our own mind, either way we chose to give power over us to whomever we choose.
    I choose the Holy Spirit! Amen
    I noticed there were many questions about the swine. To me I didn’t give it a lot of thought other than they are unclean and the legion would have no problem dwelling in them, or controlling them since they have no spirit. Why or where they went after drowning is unclear, so I took it as it was written.

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