The Biblical New Year

Did you know that the Biblical New Year is not January 1st? Who established the calendar that we use today? What are "appointed times" and who is to observe them? 



  • Now He’s speaking to Israel. And right here in Exodus Chapter 12, He says, Egypt has calendars and the nations around them have their calendars, but I will give you the calendar that you’re going to follow.
  • Now what’s really interesting is this particular word “observe” because it’s the same word that we get “keep”, as it relates to “keep the Sabbath holy.” Now, the interesting thing about this is the word suggests that we, as a people, are supposed to guard, keep, observe. And here’s the word “Shamar” or “shaw-mar’” as some would say; to hedge about, to guard; generally to protect, to keep, to mark...
  • Well, let me tell you something folks: Islam is a lot closer to Judaism than Christianity. Yeah. Islamics don’t eat swine. And guess when its Sabbath is? Friday evening at sundown. And guess what, they claim their identity from Abraham. So now you hear on the History Channel, the three major religions that came out of the land of Israel are Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
  • Notice something ladies and gentlemen: our Messiah never addressed the government; He always addressed the religious leaders. The only time He addressed the government is when He was brought before the government by the religious leaders, because the religious leaders want to tie your allegiance to the government. So now you have religious Democrats, and you have religious Republicans. And then you have believers who are fighting against each other in politics, “How can you vote for that Republican?” “How can you vote for that Democrat? You should be standing for what the Bible says.” And the Republicans are praying to the same God that the Democrats are praying to. They’re both looking at you and saying, “You know what, we got you, we got you!”

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