A Conspiracy, Anointing and Betrayal Matthew 26:1-16

The last thing Yeshua discussed with His Disciples, while with them on the Mt of Olives before returning to Jerusalem, was concerning His return. Throughout His discourses with His Disciples, Yeshua gave them glimpses of events surrounding His Second Coming. Yeshua spoke to them in parables and gave them the understandings of their meanings to prepare and stay ready for His return; reminded them of things He had already told them; drew their attention to the words of the Prophets Malachi, Ezekiel, and Isaiah; and spoke to His Disciples prophetically as He revealed to them things to come.


The Disciples had no idea that in two days, their world would be affected in a drastic and dramatic way as Yeshua would be taken from them in a brutal, inhuman, and undeserving manner. In order for Yeshua to fulfill YeHoVaH’s will in Jerusalem, several events had to unfold with several players involved, including His own Disciple who would betray Him and set the stage for A Conspiracy, Anointing and Betrayal.




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