The Christ, the Church and the Cross Matthew 16:13-28

Terminology evokes images in the minds of people that affect people consciously and subconsciously in how they see themselves and in their approach to the entity they call God. Just as knowledge is power, words have power. The translation of words from one language to another can ascribe different meanings to the words translated into the new language. In this passage of Matthew, Peter receives revelation from YeHoVaH of who Yeshua is and the Disciples are informed of the master plan of Messiah.


From the First Century until now, the Twenty-First Century, this passage in Matthew 16, and others like it, have conjured incorrect images of the actual words translated the Christ, the Church, and the Cross as revealed in the English translations of this passage. This has led to incorrect worship and lifestyles that differ from what the Messiah lived and taught. 




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