Shalom Saints,

This week a young Saint wrote me a “Thank You” note for replying to her with a scripture related to her revelation that started the correspondence between us. She said, “There is always something in scripture for every situation!” This is spiritual maturity speaking.

I had to re-learn this in my early days working with this ministry.

I recall when I was talking to an older woman who had some serious and very complicated issues in her marriage and with her children. When I started listening to her, I was sitting upright in my chair. By the time she had described the situation, I was slumped over my desk with my head in my hands. I asked if I would put her on hold. I went to speak to Arthur. He listened and said a few things that have stayed with me over the years.

First, I cannot fix other person’s problems, I can only direct them to what the scripture says. Second, the scripture has something to say about all aspects of our lives. I agreed.

Then, I looked with big puppy eyes and asked him if he would please talk to the lady. Arthur then said something that I hadn’t really grasped, “The same Holy Spirit that is in me is in you! Sharon, go talk to the lady.” I girded up my loins and refused to let fear creep in! I spoke to her and at the end of the conversation, she thanked me for my counsel.

Of the MANY things that I have learned from Arthur, this is one of the most important. The Holy Spirit is the same Spirit in Arthur, in me, and in YOU.

Summary of the Teaching

Arthur expressed clearly and simply that his ultimate goal for ministry was to help others to be set free the way that he was set free. This teaching had important revelations for how we view ourselves, others, and the environments in which we live. No jive! (Allow me this sixties throw-back word.) This teaching is essential!

Arthur’s main objective of this teaching was conveying that truly walking with Yehovah is not so much a mental acknowledgment, as it is a life-style. It is vetting all your actions by His word. It is moving from doing what we want to do and then asking Yehovah to bless it, to a lifestyle where we first inquire of Yehovah and let Him direct our lives.

Listen as Arthur describes a Yehovah centered lifestyle.

Arthur elaborated on the following points while teaching from 1 Peter 3. Some are quite revolutionary to the natural mind!

The Holy Spirit has no gender.

Women have an inner spiritual man. Peter refers to this “inner man” of men and women as incorruptible and of great price in the sight of Yehovah. The sons of God (women included) are filled with the Holy Spirit and our challenge is to continually put to death the flesh man. The primary thing that prohibits us from fully walking as the sons of God is our fleshy desire to become something else, e.g., chasing mammon and/or worldly pursuits.

There is no weaker “female Holy Spirit!” The weaker vessel is referring to the physique of women. Listen to Arthur talk about this issue.

We live in 2 Kingdoms simultaneously; the natural world and the spiritual world.

Many people get comfortable in the natural world, which is bondage, because they live by what they see. Our Messiah came so that we can live a supernatural life in the spirit world because we really are spirit beings in a body; not the reverse. There are principalities, powers, and evil in high places that we can only overcome and rebuke by manifesting our supernatural powers. The natural powers have no authority in the spiritual world. Listen to Arthur’s animated presentation of the two worlds.

Righteousness is a thread that runs through the Old and New Testaments.

The pattern of life is to Shema; live right before Yehovah according to His word. We have the ability to manifest heaven on earth. We must get out of the mindset of the fallen man; we have been set free from all that Adam brought on us!

Enhance your spiritual walk by understanding (hearing and “doing”) the principles and revelations in this teaching!

Buzz on the Teaching

On Wednesday, I sung a loud “HalleluYAH” to Karen when I had gotten a tedious task done. Five minutes later, David passed by my office door. “Hey, David. You just missed my audition for the Praise Team!” David, stopped in his tracks, “What??” “Listen,” I said. I then belted out a “HalleluYAH” that I’m sure hurt David’s ears like squeaky chalk on a blackboard.

“It was better when I did it before! Really it was!!” I said in my pitiful defense. Even Karen felt compelled to say, “It really was better the first time!” David was holding his ears and told Karen, “I’m sure you believe that.” LOL

Thursday night, the lyrics to one of David’s songs struck a chord in my heart. I too, wanted to be a friend to Yehovah like my father Abraham. I too, wanted to know Yah face to face like Moses. I sang along with David, “Let me be a man after your own heart!” I’m just thinking, I am part of the Praise Team. I just sing from my seat.

The song David and I sung, made me think about how there is no other place to go. The disciples said to Yeshua, where else is there to go? Once you know truth, the only other place to go would be back in darkness. Then my flesh wanted to interject, “Sharon, you are stuck!” Before I would let my carnal mind go on a pity party about only having one option in life, I said joyously, “There is no other place to go!” It was like finding paradise! I am in the splendor of Yehovah’s presence and I am protected by the HIGHEST POWER IN THE UNIVERSE. There is no other power that can compare or overrule my Yah!

Later, in the teaching when Arthur was explaining that we cannot deal with the supernatural in the natural, I remembered seeing an episode on Home and Garden TV (HGTV). A couple was looking to purchase a first home and the wife’s first criteria was that there be “no ghosts.” When they purchased a house, where she sensed ghosts in the basement, her solution was “smudging.” From what I could see, she took a bundle of tightly rolled papers, lit it, blew out the flames and when smudged the walls of the basement with the smoke. She was smiling and saying the smoke would drive the ghosts out. Really??

Yeshua tells us that we can do all the things He did and more. So when I read that Yeshua rebuked evil spirits, I know that I can. When I moved into a house in Dundee, MI, the former owner’s son had a “darkness” craft business in the basement. We rebuked the demons and evil spirits in the confidence that we had the power in Yeshua to remove them. When we go to any new dwelling, temporary or permanent, we always rebuke anything there that is not of Yehovah, and we anoint the space with oil.

What do you rely on, your power or His power?

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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