Shalom Saints,

“Oh! No! I owe the IRS.” My stomach churned as I refolded the letter.

I was working in New York City in the early 70’s for the Children’s Television Workshop. I was invited to work as an intern, but within a month, I was hired full-time. The payroll department didn’t change my status, so taxes were not taken out of my salary. Well, I owed the IRS about $4,000.00! So they asked me to come in to discuss a payment plan with an IRS representative.

By the time that I arrived at their office in Manhattan, I had calmed down, because I knew how to be respectful and negotiate. I have learned that dealing with people in authority, such as creditors and business people, my best approach was to be honest about the situation and then ask them how they could help me. It generally worked.

Well, when I was escorted to the desk of the IRS representative, I began to have doubts that my strategy would work. The man had a scowl on his face, looked like he enjoyed the power invested in him by his job, AND HE HAD A STAINLESS STEEL HOOK FOR A LEFT HAND.

I had met my match!!

It was tough negotiating as he went over my monthly expenses to carve out a portion for the IRS. He wanted a BIG portion, I was willing to give a reasonable portion that would not disrupt my comfortable lifestyle in NYC. Every time he wanted to cut out a line item, I would come up with a justification that he couldn’t refute.

Then, he pointed with a finger on his right hand, “So… what is this $100 a month for?” I leaned in to see what he was referring to and said, “Oh, that’s for entertainment. I use that money to go out to dinner with friends, or see a matinee at the Metropolitan Opera House, or…

He BLEW!! He bent his left arm up at the elbow, the HOOK raised off the desk and then he slammed the HOOK down inches from my right hand, “You own the IRS! Your entertaining days are over!!”

I calmly looked at him and said, “I’d like to speak to your supervisor.”

Update: The supervisor never contacted me and the $4,000.00 just disappeared off my file.

Praise the Lord!

Arthur is right, there is always a way to address our grievances in a respectful manner. Yeshua is our ultimate example.

Listen as Arthur discusses being respectful even when we are mistreated:

Summary of the Teaching

It has been nearly 2,000 years since our Messiah walked on this earth!

Arthur started the teaching by explaining one of our most precious legacies. We are blessed to have the writings of Yeshua’s disciples to give us insight on our Messiah. They wrote what Yeshua said and more importantly, they wrote about how Yeshua lived in conjunction with what He said.

Peter realized the necessity of sharing and preserving Yeshua’s instructions and demonstrations of how to live a righteous life. We needed to know how to establish and maintain a direct connection with our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for Apostle Peter’s and Apostle Arthur’s teachings on the practical applications of Torah. I realize that just having the “knowledge” of what I should do, without the “how” of what I should do, I would utterly fail at being holy and living a faith-filled life.

The beauty of Arthur’s teachings is that he tells us how he has lived out this faith-filled life in Torah. I appreciate his vulnerability as he tells us his trials, tribulations, mistakes, and times of repentance. In order to do this, I think it takes an individual who is focused on seeing themselves as Yehovah sees them, not as what others may think of them.

Listen as Arthur gives us an example of what it means to think like the “royals” we are:

If this teaching were diagnosed with Thermography (a graphic record of temperature variations), these would be the “hot spots.”

  • In the midst of hard challenges, how do we overcome thoughts of giving up?
  • What are “good works?”
  • Is authority always to be respected, even when we are being mistreated?
  • In the context of sowing and reaping, how does the lust of the flesh operate?
  • What does it mean to “fear” God?
  • Should we want the very best Yehovah has to offer?
  • What are my three options of living, each with its own rewards?
  • What stops us from giving Yehovah our ALL?

Arthur concisely condensed the message by saying that Yeshua was not an anomaly.  Our Messiah came to replicate Himself in you and me!  

Let us focus on pleasing the Father by doing the things Yeshua did!  HalleluYAH!!

Buzz on the Teaching

Before the teaching, several of the Saints were gathered at the serving counter in the back getting popcorn, trail mix, juice, hot cocoa, etc. I was on the other side of the counter, just finishing assembling some sandwich fixings that Floyd had brought me from home. I had worked that day.

I asked one of my Sister Saints how she was doing. Her countenance lit up and she said that Yehovah had spoken to her this morning and had told her what she was supposed to be doing. I delighted with her by reaching for her hands across the counter and we rejoiced and I said a prayer of praise that Yah speaks to us and gives us clear directions for our lives.

THEN, wouldn’t you know it! David’s first worship song is “Lead Me Lord!” This song was personal for so many of the Saints. Some of us are waiting to hear Him speak to us concerning situations that we are in the midst of right now.

Listen as David leads us in worship:​

Arthur’s prayer following the worship in song was on target for what many needed to hear.  As he spoke to Yehovah, Arthur asked the Father to let His word permeate every area of our lives so that we BECOME WORSHIP to Him.  As the Holy Spirit is leading him in prayer, Arthur asks Yehovah to give us continual access to Him because we commit and submit ourselves to the Almighty.  

Arthur’s prayer concludes with interceding for our Sisters and Brothers who are in the midst of trials.  In a loving way, Arthur said that some trials are so challenging and wearying that it is difficult to utter thank you and praises.  He prayed that the faith that comes from Yehovah would give us strength to stand firm in the midst of the trials and recognize that Yehovah was there in the “midst” with us.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 King James Version  

16 Rejoice evermore.  17 Pray without ceasing.  18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Let us rejoice in all circumstances.  Start by remembering past blessings and deliverances.  Yehovah is faithful.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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