Shalom Saints,

When I was in the world, I travelled in circles where you would find the best heathen parties and I even gave a few. One of the most talked about parties that Floyd and I gave was in the early Nineties when we hired a band with soulful singers and danced the night away in our home with friends and relatives. We had a caterer that served all kinds of unclean things on platters.

During that same time period, I was the Mistress of Ceremony for a Big Jazz Band that played monthly at an upscale club in Detroit. I would introduce the songs and generally entertain the crowd. It was a smoke-filled club with well-dressed people and even a few ladies with cigarette holders. The songs celebrated “love”, lying, idolatry and other anti-commandment themes.

Floyd’s family was well known for throwing card parties and selling food and drinks. The parties lasted from Friday sundown until Sunday afternoon. Floyd said, “It wasn’t a big thing for some of the guys to play cards all night, go to work and come back after their shifts. Other folks would nod out on the couch while waiting for someone to bring them more money.” (No ATM machine in the basement? LOL)

Knowing what I know now … Yehovah wasn’t “up in there”, in any of those parties. Now … He might have been calling people out of there!

So when I was first introduced to the idea of the Feasts as a time when the saints celebrated with Yehovah in our midst, I was really trying to figure out what do you do?

Floyd and I recognized that we needed to renew our minds. With the help of more mature saints and the Holy Spirit, we have learned to enjoy the type of fellowshipping and partying that leaves one uplifted because Yehovah is truly in the midst of us.

Listen as Arthur talks about Yehovah partying with the saints.

Summary of the Teaching

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you get rained out, but you still have to dress for all of them.  In spite of the technical difficulties that prevented David Salinas’ worship in song to be broadcast, Arthur presented, with a spiritual force, Peter’s first century message on Holiness.  Arthur covered 1 Peter 1:15-25.

The main premise of this last portion of Chapter One is to be holy in ALL conversation.  Conversation refers to all matters in your life, conduct, behavior and deportment (manners, practices, etc.).  Peter is repeating what Yehovah said directly from His mouth and was written in the Torah.  Our Elohim’s word was still applicable in Peter’s day as well as it is today!

Arthur has said many times before that it is not knowledge that gives us power, but the application of the information that brings about power.  In order to apply the information, we must have understanding.  So, how do I become holy?  

For the remainder of the teaching, Arthur gives the scriptural understanding of what it means to be holy and then gives us glimpses of what a life lived holy looks like in these areas:

  • Following our Holy Elohim
  • Keeping the Sabbath holy
  • Guarding the Holy Feasts of Yehovah
  • Obeying Yehovah’s Holy Law
  • Yielding to Yehovah’s Holy Corrections
  • Respecting our brethren, the Holy body of Messiah

Did you know that there is a prescribed holy way to resolve issues between brethren?  Listen as Arthur discusses scripturally correct conflict resolution based on Matthew 18:15-17.

Buzz on the Teaching

Arthur talked about how our carnal spirits are corrupt and it only bears witness to what we as carnal people want.  

When Floyd and I married in 1989, neither of us knew the truth or had a “church home.”  So when we went to look for a church for our marriage, the denomination didn’t matter, we were looking for a place that would let us have the wedding and reception in the same building and have champagne.  The Baptist, and Methodist churches of our relatives were glad to let us have both events there, but no alcohol in the buildings.   However, my mother had a friend that went to the Universal Unitarian Church and they were happy to counsel us, perform the ceremony and we could bring all the alcohol we wanted.

There were anti-biblical “red flags” flying all over that church, but we ignored them.   Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

My mom’s friend, who was a faithful attender at the UU Church told us that the pastor was gay.  We decided to overlook that.  

When he counseled us, he asked, “Are you sure you want to get married, instead of just living together?”  We let that go too.  

Then the one transgression that I afterwards felt most ashamed of, and deeply repented from, was going along with the “pastor’s” request to take the name of Jesus out of my vows!  

Following anti-biblical spirits will lead you down the primrose path to destruction.  

I am so thankful that Yehovah loved us enough to pull us up from the miry clay and show us a better and a holy way of life.  

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,

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    Thank you for the feedback! I so enjoy writing these Blogs. It gives me an opportunity to express what the Holy Spirit is saying to me. And I enjoy the fun of writing the “unexpected” incidents from my life experiences.

    Love ya,

  • Rosalinda Villarreal says:


    Great Testimony and the way you weaved it through with the teaching was excellent. I wanted to keep reading. I really enjoyed in the teaching how Arthur simplified for us how to live a holy life. I keep going over my notes. Keep up the good work.

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