Shalom Saints,

For two years, Floyd and I had been hoping and praying that Yehovah would make a way for us to move from Alabama to the Carolinas to be a part of House of Israel. Early Sabbath morning, June 22, 2013 we awoke to Yehovah speaking individually to both of us.

As an act of stepping out in faith, that morning on House of Israel’s Chat, we typed in our announcement that we were given the “go-ahead” to move to Charlotte and hoped to be there before school started in August.

Afterwards, I battled negative thoughts like: What if you don't get there? Where are you going to get the money? What if you really didn't hear from Yehovah?

When we told friends, that were not Messianic, some said things like: Are you sure you heard from God? What if you don't like the congregation and then you're stuck in Charlotte? What if your house doesn't sell? Can't you find a congregation here?

I answered them and my own thoughts with, “I believe Yehovah spoke to both Floyd and I.  When it happens, we will know it is from Him.”    

One Messianic friend said, “Shar, if it is from Yehovah, it will happen fast!”

There were times when thoughts would come to me about what would I do if we didn’t get to Charlotte and I would be embarrassed.  I thought of the scripture:

Isaiah 54:4, Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed.

I also said I was going to put all my energy into “moving” and if it didn’t work out, it just didn’t work out, but I was going to think, hope, pray, and ACT like we WERE MOVING. That meant concentrating on the practical things that needed to be done.

  • Find a place to live in South Carolina. We were to move in on July 30th.  School would start on August 19th.  We were on a roll!
  • Sell our house. A couple wanted to rent to own both of our homes in Alabama.  They brought over the security deposit and first month’s rent to move in on July 29th
  • Find homes for the animals. We traded the chickens and turkeys with a neighbor that helped us with yard work.  We sold the goats to his brother.  We gave away the cats and kittens. 
  • Get loaders, drivers, and moving trucks. This was where I saw many miracles of Yehovah.  
  • Move my mother from a nursing home in Alabama to a nursing home in South Carolina. After tons of paperwork, my mother moved to Lancaster, South Carolina on November 20th.

We called the Starving Students Company to get a moving estimate.  They wanted in excess of $6,000.  Floyd remarked, “I guess they aren’t starving anymore!”           Penske gave me 6 days for a flat fee and unlimited mileage.  A friend recommended Bob who would drive the Penske truck.  Bob knew Dan who had his own truck and could drive a load to South Carolina.

Everything was set, all worked out, done, perfect. 

Then….all hell broke loose (so to speak).

On Thursday, July 25th, Floyd told me.  “Bob called, he has been hired and the job wants him to start on July 29th, so he can’t drive the Penske truck to South Carolina.  Dan called, he had an accident with his truck; he went under an unmarked bridge and it scraped and lifted the top of his truck.  He can’t use his truck to move us. 

I just stood there taking it all in.  There was no way I had come this far in the ballgame to be ejected from stadium.  My prayer was, “Lord, YOU KNOW how we are going to get to South Carolina, PLEASE REVEAL it to ME now!”

My mind was moving faster than a locomotive, searching high and low for alternatives.  Then Yehovah blew a cool breeze through my mind.  “Check on the 6 days rental and UNLIMITED MILEAGE.”  I asked Penske if unlimited had any limits.  You know you have to do that now-a-days.  Not every company upholds truth in advertising.  Well, unlimited meant unlimited!!

I yelled into the other room, “Floyd, we’ll run the truck twice!”  Then we really got into high gear. Floyd left on Sunday the 28th driving our van and Bob driving the Penske truck.  Bob drove the truck back on Monday so that Dan could take the second load on Tuesday.  My son drove his sister and me to South Carolina on that Tuesday.

My mother often said to me as a youngster, “Where there is a will, there is a way!” Someone else said, “God will put you in the car and give you the keys, but you have to turn on the ignition and do the driving!”

What I learned in a very explicit way was that stepping out in faith requires ACTION.  I am convinced, that if we had not moved with a forceful energy when Yehovah said to move, we would still be in Alabama, wishin’ and a hopin’ and a prayin’ that Yehovah would make a way for us to leave.

This teaching is all about walking in our divine nature and nourishing our faith by putting it into action.

Summary of the Teaching
This teaching started with the awesome power of the Holy Spirit when Arthur reminded us that Peter was the apostle whose anointing was so great that even his shadow had healing power.

Acts 5:14-16  More and more believers in the Lord, crowds of men and women, were constantly being added to their number15 to such an extent that they even carried their sick out into the streets and put them on cots and sleeping pads, so that when Peter came by at least his shadow might fall on one of them [with healing power]. 16 And the people from the towns in the vicinity of Jerusalem were coming together, bringing the sick and those who were tormented by unclean spirits, and they were all being healed.  (Amplified Bible)

Arthur continues the teaching in verse 4 by telling us to “Let your mind waddle in this!”  The exceeding great and precious promises are so great that there are no greater promises.  They are of a greater magnitude than the parable about the man selling ALL that he owned to purchase a valuable pearl.  The promises that Peter speaks of are worth giving up your life for; which is what Peter did.

Arthur explains each of the promises that are associated with keeping Yehovah’s Law.  We must constantly be mindful of and conscience of keeping the commandments so that we reap these Promises. 

  • The Abrahamic Covenant
  • The Blessings of the Law
  • Partakers of the New Covenant
  • Promise of the Return of Messiah
  • Everlasting Life
  • Partakers of the Divine Nature

As believers, we take on the divine nature of Elohim.  This is how Peter walked in authority and power such that his shadow healed and restored.  Listen as Arthur explains how we are partakers of the divine nature.  When we take on the mindset of the divine nature, we loose the power of Yehovah in our lives.

One of the opposing forces that keeps us from totally walking in the divine power and authority is lust. Lust is a desire, craving, and longing for those things forbidden by Yehovah. Feeding your spirit is the only way to overcome the lust of the flesh.

Arthur explains to us how to nourish our faith. Some of the principles to growing your faith also apply to marriages and relationships. Listen to what we need to do so that we don’t “drift” away from Yehovah. We need to invest in our faith!

Arthur is very persuasive in sharing with us, “Don’t serve Yehovah because of what He can do, but because of what He has already done.”  If Yehovah does no more than what he has already done, He has given us everything. 

  • Life
  • His Divine Nature
  • His Power
  • His Spirit
  • His Son
  • His Word
  • His Promise to provide and care for us

Let us rejoice in these precious gifts!

Buzz on the Teaching
As soon as the cameras were turned off I stood up, “Arthur the teaching tonight was very dense.  You were right in that we need to let our minds waddle in this!”  Arthur explained that when he prepares for the teachings, he prays and walks around, but today he spent a lot of time in prayer.  He mentioned Peter’s shadow being anointed and grasping that it’s not a story, but really happened. 

Karen excitedly said, “I was just this week telling my Mom that I would like to have the power that even my shadow could bring about healing!”  As we all agreed, Karen and her Mom, Betty, moved closer from the left as David Salinas joined us from the right. 

 “Brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure…,” David recited, “…for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.  Never fall.  NEVER FALL.  Isn’t that amazing?  HalleluYah!” 

We all gave hearty praises in agreement with that precious promise

I added, “We just have to move in our minds from the story of Peter’s shadow healing, to it really happened to Peter, to it can happen to me!” 

There were loud HalleluYAHs all around.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,

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