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This teaching was so spiritually exciting. It is impossible to not grasp something and use it for spiritual growth. Arthur continues in discussing the character traits that Peter lists in order to live a successful life in faith. Listen as Arthur starts with an explanation of when we enter into faith we must add virtues to our faith and cast down strongholds in order for our faith to be fruitful.

All throughout Peter’s letter we are reminded that our faith will be tested. Not only will it be tested, but testing causes faith to grow. Arthur emphasizes that when we get to the place where “we can’t take it anymore”, we must realize we have not suffered unto death. This is when patience, long-suffering and perseverance should kick in.

In the 21st Chapter of Luke, Yeshua describes the persecution from the religious rulers and the government His followers would experience. Apostle Arthur then paints the picture of how modern-day Saints are being oppressed by these same sources of persecution. He goes on to show how the persecution stems from the world accepting and esteeming those things that Yehovah says are abominations. Arthur even quips, “They have come out of the closet and now they are trying to put us in the closet.”

Again, Arthur presses on us that if our faith is not challenged, we are not developing patience. The patience in us matures when we learn to glory in tribulations! During the Q&A, Arthur expounded on the concept of patience helping one to possess their soul.

Through Peter, Arthur and Yeshua’s words, we are being prepared to stand in the midst of terrible suffering. There is no middle ground, and we cannot be on both sides. We are either in the enemy camp or the Kingdom of the Almighty! This is important because the natural man is constantly trying to subdue the spirit man. Each of us has to determine the character traits we need to work on. We must be discrete in our words and behavior so that we do not inadvertently let our communications deploy the wrong set of angels.

As Arthur nears the end of the teaching, he speaks on brotherly love. During the Q&A, a Sister Saint asks Arthur to elaborate on this topic that she has been contemplating.

Our character work has a destination.

Revelation 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Yeshua.

This teaching closes on a reassuring proclamation. Arthur tells us that scripture says … when the hireling shepherd is smitten, the sheep scatter. Then, Arthur boldly heralds that our shepherd can never be smitten again. He will endure forever! He will never forsake us!


Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

When the hireling is smitten, the sheep scatter. One of my uncles is a real-life example of this. Uncle went to a church for more than 20 years, I believe. The pastor of the church mismanaged the finances of the church and the church closed. My uncle was so angry and embarrassed by the situation, for the last 25 years he has not been part of another church. This happened because Uncle had his faith in the pastor not Yeshua. Uncle looked to the pastor as the standard for righteous living. The standard is the living Torah, Yeshua.

I have another example of how people put their hope and faith in the pastor or the denominational churches. I happened to be at Floyd’s family homestead one Sunday morning. Floyd’s mother, her sister and brother all lived there. The Aunt spoke to another relative who was headed to the door to go to church. “Wait a minute. Take this offering with you. I think the Lord looks kindly on me when I send my money to the church.”

Such self-deception! When you rationalize your beliefs to be true, it is very hard for the real truth to get through. Arthur talks about this in The Feast of Pentecost (Part 1).



Buzz on the Teaching

Immediately after the teaching, my Sister Saint and I exchanged incredulous looks that the Holy Spirit had struck again! Arthur was a second witness to many of the things that we had discussed during our dinner conversation the previous evening!

We tackled how to determine when to cut our losses when trying to help someone. We both could relate to offering help when it wasn’t asked for and getting the boomerang effect from the helped person who says, “I never asked you to help me in the first place!”

We had a roaring laugh about a couple of situations. We were far enough removed from them that the hurt and pain had subsided. These were situations where we treaded in without Yehovah’s permission or went in when He said don’t go there. It was cathartic to be able to openly express my mistakes and have them received in love by someone who had walked that road too.

We also had solemn moments when we discussed how much we wanted a loved one or friend to grasp the truth, but it was refused time and time again. We shared how it felt to want to see someone healed or saved, but their life was in rebellion to Yehovah. So, we would pray for them to receive an undeniable revelation of Yehovah. Yehovah is clear in Deuteronomy 28 about who receives the blessings and who receives the curses. Below is the link to Arthur’s teaching on the 28 Blessings of Deuteronomy 28:


We talked about how our minds and emotions were pulling away from people and things of the world. It was sobering to realize that some things are just not for me anymore. This was a part of the “shifting” that Yehovah had in store for me. Interestingly enough, the more I pull away from the things of the world, the more I become aware of my “set apartness”.


What things have you pulled away from that indicate you are truly “set apart”?

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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