Arthur Bailey on 2nd Peter

Shalom Saints,

Arthur started the teaching by discussing the notion of being vexed by all the evil we see around us. The lawless operate on the principle that their pleasures will override the feelings of guilt and shame. Many do not realize that when they keep doing the same things, they will keep getting the same outcome. However, some eventually find out that they were looking for good times and love in all the wrong places. He encouraged us to have compassion on people who are lawless because we were once in that place too. We should listen to Yehovah for how and what to speak so that we always leave a righteous impression.

Another principle of this Torah life is that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with humans inspired by a spirit other than the Holy Spirit. No matter how many warnings we give, there are people who will still follow people who mislead. One of the “stand your ground” elements of any of these misled people is that in order to establish their being right, they have to make all the other ways of life wrong. They demonize everyone else. This is a barrier that can only be broke through with the help of the Holy Spirit because we are viewed as wrong, fallen from grace, and many other false and slanderous statements.

Learn more about what “grace” really is in What About Grace?

Often people will say that they don’t want anything to do with an organized religion. We aren’t a religion; we live a lifestyle as prescribed by Yehovah and have faith in Yeshua. We live as He demonstrated and walk in the power and authority He gave us. Arthur talks about these issues and firmly states that Yeshua was not a free radical. He had an organized approach and built an organization to continue to spread the true gospel of the Kingdom to the whole world. Remember Yeshua’s gift to us:

Ephesians 4:11-12 11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: (KJV)

I really enjoy when Arthur brings our attention to how we are like the people we read about in the Bible! Even though our outward appearances look different, we all want to make a living and provide for our families. Listen to the analogies that Arthur draws between us and Noah and Lot. Pay heed to the warnings!

Near the end of the teaching, the Holy Spirit interjected a word into Arthur’s message.  I think the message applies to all of us:

  • Receive the message of correction in spite of how it may come to you.
  • Look past any embarrassment and deal with the correction needed.
  • Remember correction at the moment is not pleasant.
  • Do not get the wrong attitude, endure the embarrassment and endure the correction.
  • Do not focus on how the message came to you; focus on the correction needed.

Yehovah is trying to reach into all of us and get “stuff” out of us that we may not even know is there. Endure the correction so that He can turn our “mess into a message” and our “test into a testimony”!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

During David’s worship portion of the service, I was repenting and seeking Yehovah’s forgiveness and asking Him not to let me be blind-sided by my own errors and lack of foresight. For the second time, I had applied a mixture of generic oils on my face and eyelids. Then the area around my eyes became swollen, red and itchy. Earlier, when I looked in the mirror, the thought came, “I have seen myself look like this before!” Then it hit me that I had done the same thing a year or so ago when we were on vacation and I had to go to urgent care. I felt so foolish that I could have done the same thing again.

Worse than that, I became a bit anxious about why I didn’t remember my error from before. I realized that I was seeking my own solution to my dry eyes instead of asking Yehovah and waiting on His answer. If I had asked and waited, I am sure He would have brought me a flashback of my swollen face!

While I stood at the back of the sanctuary, with hands raised, David began to sing the song in the video clip below. THEN I perceived that Arthur’s prayer was for me. It was about having eyes to see and ears to hear from Yehovah and the strength to carry out His instructions.

Learn How to Hear God’s Voice

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By the way, my eyes are better and near complete restoration.


Buzz on the Teaching

Before the teaching, I was waiting at the airport in the cell phone parking lot. I had already dropped off my daughter at Baggage Claim to wait on our arriving Sister Saint from Texas, when I received a phone call from a HOI Sister Saint saying that her daughter in another State had lost consciousness, fell, and was taken to the hospital. I prayed with her and said I would pass on the message.

When I picked up “Texas” and my daughter at the terminal, I asked Texas to pray for the Saint’s daughter in the hospital. Well, did she pray!!

She shook the earth and opened the doors of heaven with her plead to Yehovah to heal and make all the medical reports “good reports”.

What made the prayer so compelling was her conviction and the elements that she incorporated.
  • Remind Yehovah of the blessings He has promised His own.
  • Declare that we are “the healed” through the stripes of Yeshua.
  • Rebuke all manner of infirmities, diseases and sickness.
  • Claim the promise that the diseases of the Egyptians would not be placed upon us.
  • Speak of our identity in Yehovah as blessed, cured, and whole.
  • Proclaim every demonic assignment against you be cancelled.
  • State emphatically that all false evidence be exposed and come to naught.

In a few hours, I called the HOI Sister Saint and asked how her daughter was. She said, “They couldn’t find anything wrong with her!” HalleluYAH!! HalleluYAH!!

I am so thankful to be surrounded by praying and obeying Saints!

Texas just now told me that the day before she arrived in the Carolinas, her husband came home and mentioned that his co-worker’s Aunt fell and hit her head. The head injury resulted in internal bleeding which caused her death. So when Texas heard of the daughter of our Sister Saint hitting her head, this sent Texas to battle to destroy every demonic assignment and false evidence against the daughter.

After the teaching, Texas, Floyd, and I marveled at so many of the things that Arthur had spoken of during the teaching that touched on the very topics we had discussed earlier that day. Particularly, Arthur saying that we only plant seeds and do the watering; Yehovah brings about the increase. Each of us have relatives and loved ones that we want so much for them to “see the light of truth” and come out of the world of darkness. I appreciated it when Arthur suggested that we remember the times when we were immersed in the world and think about “what someone would have had to say to us to get us to turn from the lifestyles that we enjoyed in the world.” We need to have compassion and not get frustrated or give up when we don’t get the outcomes that we so desire. We must understand that our loved ones natural man does not want to change. However their spirit man, as Arthur explained, recognizes the truth, but may not be ready to deal with it at that time. Case in point, as a teen I heard about the Sabbath from a woman who was in Judaism. I was not ready to deal with it and confront my family while living at home. However, even after hearing about Sabbath again as an adult, it took me more than 10 years to actually start keeping the Sabbath.

Let’s keep praying for our loved one and keep focused on pleasing Yehovah so that we are great examples of holiness and joyful spirits in the truth.

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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