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Arthur was in a jovial spirit when he told us not to get mad at the messenger, but listen to the message. The Father will send or allow folks to expose what is already in us. Arthur plainly said that persecution will bring to the surface whatever is lying dormant in us. Therefore, we need to examine ourselves. Listen to the friendly banter between Arthur and Lee at the end of this segment.

“Heavenly Father, help us to always operate in Your Spirit, not our own.” This was part of Apostle Arthur’s humble cry, during his pre-teaching prayer, echoing Apostle Peter’s theme in Chapter 2. Peter is giving vivid descriptions of the issues, profiles, and characteristics of people that the Father has issues with. Arthur reminds us that Peter uses examples from “men of old” which should let us know that people across time and cultures have not changed. With discerning eyes, we can see some of the same faults that tripped up Lot and Balaam in people we know.

The people whom Peter described were so rebellious and wicked that I had to keep reminding myself that Peter was writing to believers. Some had lost their way and had become part of the vexation of the wickedness of this world, walked after the flesh, and despised government. These same types of wicked people were also discussed in the Book of Jude.

Arthur paused in the midst of Chapter 2 to give us a word study on the terms government and lord. We learned that Peter was writing to people who were part of the Kingdom government and the term government referred to Yeshua. The term government means to have dominion, power, lordship and master. The term “lord” is still in use today in reference to men. Do you have a lord?

We have to know those that labor among us. Arthur warned, “Don’t make the assumption that all the people around you are as committed as you are.” Observe people’s fruit (actions, words, and attitude). People, by their behavior patterns, will tell you who they are.

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

OK y’all….I chuckled out loud, and had to cover my mouth with my hand to stifle my riotous laugh, when I remembered living in the city, not even knowing what cankerworms or palmerworms were, and claiming I was taking back what they stole from me! Even though I had seen animated black clouds of locusts in the movies, I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish them from grasshoppers or other similar insects. I went with the flow of the religious babble to snatch back what they took!! Based on that type of circus behavior, I can clearly see why Yeshua asked if He would find any faithful when He returns.

It is paramount that we remove the denominational and pseudo-spiritual glasses from our eyes! Wake–up! We have been “rope-a-doped!” Like Arthur said, the meaning of that which was written has been transformed by spiritualizing the word and then reenacting it over and over again throughout the generations. Religion has done this. We must learn to discern truth from nonsense. Search the scriptures to show yourself approved!

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Buzz on the Teaching

One Online Sister Saint and I often email or text about the teachings. She and I are convinced that the only way to avoid being caught up in the wickedness described by Peter is to adopt and live the Torah lifestyle. Our protection comes from the Holy Spirit guiding us through things we cannot see with our natural eyes; this happens when we are completely sold-out to our Messiah.

Now is not the time for “casual religion”. We need to get away from thoughts like, “I’ll get serious about life later”, or any other “procrastinating frame of mind”! Use your eyes to see and ears to hear and Yehovah will reveal more to you.

I see that the net of wickedness appears alluring and appealing, even to people I love, while slowly binding them more tightly. Yet, they say that I am the one drowning. This is the craziness: many people believe they are working for Jesus, but through their fruit, they have bound themselves to the enemy and have become a part of his army. They are unsuspecting “double agents”!

Like Arthur said earlier in the teaching, if you have a testimony, SHARE IT! The world needs to see and hear from the Ambassadors of Light!

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