Shalom Saints,

Arthur excitedly announced two new products that were pushed to the front of the production line due to the many requests for them. These two resources are essential for “adding to your faith”.

The New Covenant: A Better Covenant DVD ( is Arthur’s classic teaching which clears up the long standing misconceptions concerning covenants and testaments.

The Evolution of the American Gospel Book ( traces the original gospel of the Kingdom from its roots in Israel to the American denominational gospel that has spread around the world. The true gospel requires repentance and belief in Yeshua. The other gospel, the American gospel, only requires belief in Jesus.

Arthur began the teaching by thoughtfully reflecting on Peter’s journey as a disciple that had denied the Messiah. He cautioned us that even a strong person of faith could give in to natural desires and deny the Father by violating His commands. There are many ways in which we could deny the Holy One. However, when we make a mistake that is not the time to run from Yehovah. The key to repentance is to run to Him for forgiveness as soon as we recognize our error. Yehovah is not holding our sins against us, RUN TO HIM!

When Peter denied Yeshua, Peter’s shame and guilt caused him to think that he was not worthy to follow Yeshua. However, Yeshua sought Peter and restored him. Halleluyah for Yeshua’s act of love that is still manifesting in the wisdom we are learning from Peter’s letters!

Arthur spends time painting a picture of what Isaiah, Matthew, Yeshua and Peter tell us about the “not so pretty” days to come. Events like the dissolving of the heavens and the earth, and seeing the carcasses of the men that transgressed against Yehovah. Arthur breaks it down by asking, “If you know this is going down, how should your lifestyle be? We know our days are numbered. We do not have a moment to waste!”

Arthur explained how the phrase “The Lord’s Day” relates to all men standing before Yehovah and giving an account of their lives. The Lord’s Day, The Day of the Lord, The Day of God, and The Day of God Almighty are all the same. They are not a reference to Sunday Sabbath.

For a detailed examination of this topic please refer to:

Sunday is not the Sabbath? (

“Everybody is not going to be excited about the return of Yeshua!” Arthur goes on to say that when we are not looking for the Messiah’s return, we will lapse into carnal living; then our thoughts will be consumed with the cares of this world. Eventually, we will find that the problems seem be to bigger than our problem solver.

Arthur confidently says that we do not have to be afraid of the devil, but we have to be mindful of how he has tricked us in the past. Listen as Arthur talks about how the enemy has been effectively working against mankind throughout the millenniums.

Arthur finishes the third Chapter of Peter by discussing who is “wicked”. Strong’s Concordance defines wicked as one who breaks through the restraint of law and gratifies his lusts. The Torah defines the wicked as one who does not keep the Law. Arthur and Peter are in agreement that Yehovah established His Kingdom and created laws so that there would be order, not chaos, in His Kingdom. Amein!

Peter’s last written words to us are, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” Let us all take heed.

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

Floyd, Zoe and I were having a late lunch at the dining room table. I was taking a break from writing a Blog. I was thinking about Arthur’s comment on problems becoming “bigger” than our Elohim, the problem solver.

“Have I ever got so caught up in something that I was operating on my emotions and didn’t think to ask Yehovah about it?”

Without the passing of a heartbeat, Floyd said, “Yes!!!”

Zoe perked up, “Here comes a Blog story!”

I knew there were probably many times during our 27.5 years of marriage that Floyd could be referring to, so I asked, “When?”

“Remember when we were looking for our first house in 1995? That house with the blue kitchen, you wanted it so bad that you tried to convince me it would work for us. You even suggested we saw off part of our antique wooden headboard so the bed would fit under the sloping ceiling?

Zoe, “That’s my Mama!”

Floyd continued, “Remember that house that sat on the ground and the husband told me the water would come in it? I don’t even know why we went to see that one!”

I exclaimed, “Oh! You mean the one where the lady had huge pictures of Jesus and Elvis side by side!”

Zoe again, “Really?”

We continued to talk of housing disasters and Floyd’s stoic stand to keep looking. Floyd knew we would find a suitable house for us that would also have a good resale value.

“Floyd, what did you think about me when I got emotional and cried?” Floyd shook his head back and forth, “I thought you weren’t in your right mind or it was that time of month!” We all laughed.

Then I said, “I was trying to find a house all on my own with asking Yehovah to guide us. I was even more frustrated when Floyd wouldn’t cooperate with me.”

“Aren’t you glad that I didn’t cooperate?”

“I sure am! The house that we did buy was just what we needed and when we put it on the market, we got a full offer in 2 weeks!”

Buzz on the Teaching

Blessings! That was the theme amongst the Saints last night.

Two Sister Saints received substantial financial blessings from Yehovah in quite unexpected ways. They were each elated because Yehovah heard their petitions. Listen to each of their testimonies at the end of the teaching!

Karen has been rejoicing all week because she got to see her brother who was transferred from a medical facility in Texas to a wonderful long-term care facility in North Carolina. She and her family will be able to visit him often. Chris is Karen’s older brother, who was born blind, and presently functions as an 18 month old, but we are all praying for his healing. Halleluyah!!

From Guest Blogger Karen:

We haven’t seen Chris in nine months. He just downright ignored us! However, he asked for all his favorite foods. We gladly gave him the “chicken, peppermint candy, chips, and cookies”. He tried not to laugh and be joyful with us until after he had eaten everything he wanted. Then, and only then, was he ready to laugh and spend quality time with us.

Chris really was glad to “see” us! We are just so thankful Chris is here and that the Father has been with him through everything.

I, too, am blessed! I tremendously enjoyed the fellowshipping with the Saints in London last week. And, I am glad to be back at HOI-Charlotte; this is home. I wrote in my Monday Morning Report to Arthur, “I’m back at my post.”

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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