Shalom Saints,

This was a history lesson and several life lessons all in one.   Arthur is quite adept at abstracting proverbial wisdom from scripture and life experiences.  This is what happened in this Teaching.  Arthur encouraged us to learn our history as he embarked on retelling Stephen’s story.  

Arthur reminded us that Yeshua didn’t just show up on Earth. Yeshua’s appearance was a progression of the Almighty’s words that were spoken in Genesis.  This is an excellent example of how the Bible is “one” book.  Historically and spiritually it is an inseparable book, no matter what some “only New Testament” people may say.

Make reading the Bible a healthy habit:  Complete Jewish Bible

One of the main sub-themes in this lesson was “Yeshua is coming back.  Be prepared!”  Arthur could not have spoken any clearer about how to be prepared.  Once you listen to this message, and take heed, you will be ready to meet the Master.  Listen as Arthur warns us of the distraction in this world that will take us off the course of the narrow path. 

Stephen’s historical testimony before the High Priest and the Council began with Abraham and concluded with Messiah Yeshua.  Did you know that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were Syrians?  They were Semites, descendants of Shem, the son of Noah.  Did you realize that Ishmael and his descendants were also Semitic?  As Arthur spoke of Abraham, he weaved into the narrative an important lesson on faith. We must believe on those things that “are not”, when YeHoVaH has promised that they “will be”.

Arthur went through all 60 verses of Acts 7!  As he highlighted many of the points of Stephen’s discourse, Arthur also injected wisdom for living abstracted from the lives of Moses, the Patriarchs, the Prophets and Yeshua Messiah.  Some of the proverbial wisdom was:

  • Don’t hold against others what they have done againstyou because, in the fullest of time, when you are supposed to be a deliverer, you will negate your responsibility because of jealousy, envy, and vengeance.
  • Sometimes, to get you toyour place of destiny, Father has to take you through some painful stuff.  But, don’t let the pain shape you.  Don’t let the trials and the tribulations shape you!  Let YeHoVaH shape you.
  • YeHoVaH knowshow to get you to the destiny He has ordained for you.  Just don’t get in His way!
  • If people have some dirt on you, they may treat you any kind of way.  They don’t have to respect you, no matter what authority you think you have.
  • It is dangerousfor you to see yourself through the eyes of other people because they may be constantly trying to take you down when the Almighty is trying to build you up

See yourself as YeHoVaH sees you and Let No Man Judge You

  • We know in part!  As right as you may be, you are not 100%
  • When you talk Grace, walk Grace
  • Don’t be a fooldon’t abandonwhat you know to be true!

This is a Teaching to watch and share with others!

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

Stephen’s account caused me to reflect on the courage my Brothers and Sisters in the faith have had in the midst of persecutions.  I rejoiced over their victories.  I have learned from their mistakes and unfortunate circumstances.  The fruit of all my learning will be seen when I am pressed and faced with hard circumstances.  As Arthur said, what is in you is what comes out of you. 

Know your history applies in other ways too.  What comes to mind is a commercial where a young man purchases a Condo and says that he is the first person in his family in several generations to own a home.  It particularly struck a chord in me because the three generations before me, on both my maternal and paternal side, all owned homes.  The same with Floyd’s family.  I think that pondering becoming a home owner could be an anxiety provoking situation if you have not seen what it takes to be a home owner. 

However, living with a home owner, you see the repairs that are needed, the financial sacrifices in order to keep the house, and the dealings with tenants. The biggest thing you see is that “it can be done”.  That is the fuel of encouragement to help one make the decision to purchase and to keep steady during the rough times of home ownership.

Let’s reflect on our history as told by Stephen and the other Saints in the Book.  We grow in faith when we see that those who went before us are victorious.  As Arthur said, we have to see ourselves like those in the Book so that we will act like the mighty men and woman of valor in the Book


Buzz on the Teaching

During the Q & A, Arthur asked me to go and get Floyd!  I hurried to the kitchen, and by that time, Floyd could hear Arthur over the sound system saying, “Mr. Floyd! We need you to testify.  There is a question online about someone over 60 getting circumcised.”  Floyd was moving forward with his feet, but trying to figure out what to say at the same time.  It was an unexpected request!  He didn’t even have time to remove his apron!  Floyd answered the questions with a bit of humor and hopefully he was an encouragement to other men that are contemplating complying with the command connected to the Abrahamic Covenant. 

We were glad to see three of the Saints return to the congregation this week.  A sister Saint and her mother had mourned the death of an older brother, and son.  Another Brother Saint had buried his older brother. 

There was conversation about the unusual snowy weather in the Charlotte area. There was even an ambush snowball launching by one Sister Saint that was posted on social media.  I was unexpectedly at the service this week.  I had thought I would be online. However, my dental surgery was cancelled due to the COLD and icy weather in the foothills near the dentist’s office. 

I was also in a lively conversation with several Saints about religious sects that take their beliefs from sources other than Scripture.  For instance, polygamy.  As Arthur said, just because YeHoVaH allowed some things to transpire, does not mean that it was His will.  There was a consensus at the table that the Scriptures are the best source for developing beliefs.  Amein!


Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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