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Arthur asked us to visualize the scene in the Temple Court.  The lame man you have passed by for years and even given alms to, has all of a sudden leaped up and is walking!  Walking and leaping and praising YeHoVaH!   The people within ear shot are amazed!   They weren’t accustomed to seeing miracles.  The miracles, the power of the Holy Spirit manifesting, was the drawing power that Yeshua had, and that same the power drew people to Peter and John.   

To help our visualization, Arthur dramatically recounted this miraculous healing and showed us an illustration of the Temple and the surrounding Courts.  Did you know the money changers were NOT IN the Temple?

Arthur boldly declared that, “I pray with the expectation of results!”  Arthur quite simply stated that in order for the power of prayer to be manifest, faith has to be present.  In order for lives to be changed, the power of the Almighty must be demonstrated.  Listen, be emboldened in your faith and expect the power of the Almighty to flow through you!

One of the more compelling parts of the teaching was when Arthur talked of the movement that Yeshua started.  A movement?  Yes, a discipleship movement!  When we recognize that we are a part of His movement, we don’t procrastinate wondering what “our purpose” is in the Kingdom.  I truly think that if you equip yourself as a true disciple, your specific call and purpose will unfold.  Be willing to go through the basic training so you can be solid in the word, solid in your faith and be about your Father’s business.

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Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

This is my appeal for YOU to join the Discipleship Training Program (if you haven’t already). 

The Program became available in January 2015.  I was a procrastinator with plenty excuses!   I worked, I had teens in high school, a husband, chickens to tend to, other books to read, cats to care for, canning vegetables to do, blah, blah, blah!   It was late in 2015 that I registered and took the first Exam in January 2016. 

After I passed the first Exam, I figured I had started and I would get back to it soon.  After all we had purchased more hens, I had two litters of kittens to watch and try to give away, my husband needed my attention so I had to go vacationing with him, deciding on a coloring for my hair took real concentrated time, I also needed to keep in touch with Saintly friends, blah, blah, blah.

Well, I noticed that my connection to the Father was a bit weak.  The signal wasn’t coming in too clear and it wasn’t as frequent either.  I thought about maybe it was me, but I brushed it off, because wasn’t I working for the ministry and that should put me in good standing to at least get clear signals?

Then one Sabbath, Arthur said something to this effect, “If you aren’t hearing from the Father, go back and look at the last thing He told you to do and DO IT!” 

YeHoVaH requires obedience.

Well, those words were like darts hitting me.  I got down to brass tacks and finished Exam 2 through the Final in about 4 months.  Whenever I felt like letting the affairs of this world interfere, I remembered that I was on a Mission to become equipped.

I learned things that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know! 

AND the great reward was that my signal came back loud and clear!



Buzz on the Teaching

Several hours after the teaching ended there were about 20 of us still at HOI.  The question came up about whether we were required to fast for the Day of Atonement.  Arthur addressed the group of us and said that he, Elder David, and Elder Efraiym would discuss the issue and talk with us.  Arthur evoked memories of the Council of Elders at Antioch meeting and deciding how to deal with the Gentile converts. 

Listen to Arthur’s teaching on What Do We Do With Those Gentiles?

Arthur and the Elders met; and this is what they determined.

  • The Command is to afflict your soul. Soul has reference to your body and appetite.
  • If you don’t fast, how will you afflict your soul?
  • Yeshua instructs us to have a lifestyle of fasting, so one day should not be a burden to us.
  • We should focus on Yeshua who made a sacrifice for us, not focus on our one day sacrifice for Him.
  • They determined that no food would be served at HOI on the Day of Atonement.
  • Each individual must determine how they will respond to the command.
  • We must Celebrate!

At the end of the Day of Atonement service, Arthur reiterated the post-Shabbat discussion.  Listen and be enlightened

Until next time… Blessings to You and Yours,


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