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Arthur’s Teaching was driven by a deep conviction that we need to focus on what YeHoVaH is focused on and trust that the Father will meet our needs.  The “Message Before the Message” gave us a good dose of reality serum.  The Father works through people to meet the needs of people.  Therefore, our business is to seek the Almighty, to receive from Him and to be prepared to “give” to our brethren a Psalm, a hymn, a word of knowledge, a prophecy, a tongue or an interpretation.  YeHoVaH wants to use each of us

Arthur cautioned us to take what the Father was saying through him in a positive manner.  Arthur reassured us that the Almighty is always trying to build and encourage us.  Even YeHoVaH’s corrections are encouraging.  When we give ourselves over to the Father to perfect us in holiness, we have given Him the right to make adjustments and corrections in our ways and to our character.  Listen to this stirring mini-sermon!

The healing of the lame man in the Temple Courts in Acts Chapter 3 is the backdrop for Acts Chapter 4.  The manifestation of the Holy Spirit through that miraculous healing brought 5,000 men into the Body of Messiah (this was not counting women and other family members).  As Arthur reminded us, these people (plus the 120 disciples and the 3,000 converts at Pentecost) were all persons with a knowledge of the commandments and were formerly practicing Judaism. 

The lives of the new believers at Pentecost and the witnesses of the lame man’s healing were changed forever.  Some did not want to go back to their home countries.  Listen as Arthur describes the joy and fellowship amongst the new believers.

Arthur concluded the teaching with a discussion of how it was not the intent of the Father for us to lack.  He gave the 12 tribes land and the individuals had gifts.  Even the Levites owned land within the tribal territories of the other 12 tribes.  Arthur emphasized that the Father has given each of us something that is not subject to any thief.  People cannot steal your knowledge, skills, talents or gifts.  Laziness will make you poor!

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Let’s join with Arthur and pray:

Father, help me to focus on the things that YOU are focused on and to not focus on the things YOU are not focused on.

Sharon’s Reflections on the Teaching

I really related to the part of the teaching where Arthur talked about how the new believers longed to be a part of the believing community in Jerusalem.  I had similar feelings and longings when we would come from Alabama to Charlotte for the Feasts.  Floyd and I were semi-retired and were Homeschooling our children; so we had many visits to HOI.  I would long to see the faces of the Saints and enjoy the fellowship after the teachings. 

My greatest expectation was “What am I going to learn this time?”  My mind was open to the teachings and searching the scriptures.  I wanted to see for myself, how Arthur came up with this or that! 

Each time we came to HOI, we had to go back home.  Floyd was waiting for the Father to tell us it was time.  I was still working on patience and was quite impulsive, so it was a struggle for me at times.  When Floyd and I, on the same day, received the word from the Father that it was time to move, we took less than 6 weeks to relocate to the Carolinas.  Being here in the community of Saints who are seeking the truth, I have found my true family.

Now, to keep it real … it is not a panacea, but YeHoVaH has given us joy for strength, faith to press through the trials, instructions to resolve disputes, blessings for us to prosper, and a Savior who is the foundation for our eternal hope!  HalleluYah!  I don’t think there is a better deal on this earth!

Buzz on the Teaching

I had an unexpected surprise when I entered HOI.  A Sister Saint from the West Coast was visiting!  She and I had met during Passover and had become fast-friends.  She had even brought her Aunt who lived in the Midwest.  We enjoyed talking and fellowshipping.  In order to eat according to Torah, this Sister Saint is endeavoring to increase her gardening skills.  We shared our experiences with seed-saving and protecting veggies from deer with tall wire fences.  We even tried to figure out what small mammal was leaving deep holes in her garden.  We talked of food preservation via canning and freezing along with our hopes for the winter and spring planting seasons.  I like gardening, not the weeding, but I know I am serving my family Biblically clean food.  Right now, I have collards in a raised garden (actually a cattle feed trough with holes in the bottom) that I pick the small leaves for salads.  I am constantly picking them, so the leaves don’t get large and tough. 

I was also a part of an entrepreneurial conversation.  Two Sister Saints were sharing how they got started in their crafts.  I was astounded when the one Sister Saint said she had only been crocheting for four years.  The artistry and the intricateness of her designs made me think that she had learned to crotchet sitting at the knee of her grandmother who had learned from other ancient ones.  She said that it was the Father; she woke up one morning and decided to learn how to crotchet!  I was dumb-founded.  However, look at what our Father can do with a willing vessel!

Until next time … Blessings to You and Yours,


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